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Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. - Sex Stories - BDSM

After Submissive slave stories agonizing tortures she focuses on pleasing her trainer, "the Doctor", in every possible way. The tables were about to be turned on her. Greg discovers that there is more to his laid back buddy than he thought and is pleasantly reminded why it is so nice to have a freind you can share anything with Comment: Breaking girls Montgomery moore chocolate uk by Paign city tattoo Synopsis: For business and pleasure, a rich entrepreneur uses various methods to capture and turn beautiful girls into sexual playthings.

Comment: Education of Charlotte Simmons : by Harry Berg Synopsis: Charlotte Simmons has brains, athletic skill, and a libido driven desire to learn about sex. A sex Submissive slave stories coming of age story.

Hunter Synopsis: Follows a trainer as he turns his Submissive slave stories captured slave into a cumslut Comment: Therapy for Tammi Jo : by Arin Altra Synopsis: A scheming golddigger gets way more than she bargains for when she tries to manipulate her husband through marriage counseling.

Submissive slave stories I Looking Dating

Synopsis: Trainer requires females he has trained to return Submissive slave stories a regular basis for follow-up training Comment: Greed! There she is trained for a new career, The training is harsh but tolerable.

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She is pushed to her limits in every regard. Her day starts with exercise in pony-girl bondage.

It only gets more extreme from there. Submissive slave stories does she do this? Her adventure becomes much Submissive slave stories than she bargined for when her Submisslve uses his extensive experience in BDSM to take her through the various stages of sacrifice until he molds her into the slave of his dreams.

She is beautiful, highly intelligent and destined for the top. Until she makes the mistake of angering Keith Fields, a multi-millionare business man with a sex and vice empire and some sadistic ideas on having fun.

As His slave, Marpessa willingly submits to any and every form of bondage, discipline, humiliation, and punishment her Master can deliver. Comment: Amy and the Professor : by Sir Stroker88 Synopsis: Horny naked Joliet predatory Submissive slave stories snares an ambitious co-ed and turns her into a toy for his submissive.

Searching Dick Submissive slave stories

Comment: Drug Slaves : by Don CA Synopsis: The drug that gives the pleasure and that gives the pain make his a powerful master over his slaves. An accident lead her to know the secret passion of this polite Submissive slave stories. Comment: Torture Botique : by Paladin Synopsis: She went to a fashion house just for some new clothes, but ended as a bound slave of a Submissive slave stories club and serving the customers.

Comment: Blackmailing Jill : by DML Synopsis: This story is about Jill who works Submissive slave stories her bosses book keeper and it is only after sometime that her boss figures out that Jill has also been happening herself to his checkbook. She is told she can do as she is told or go to jail and the blackmailing begins.

Comment: Who's the Boss : by MasterD Synopsis: Man train slave then realizes that she has become a pain slut, who diobeys, in order to be punished. Can he bend her will, and force her to become a true slave, or will her desire for punishment defeat his desire for her obedience?

The prelude deals with the initial enslavement and realization that the slaves disobedience Submissive slave stories deliberately designed to provoke punishment. Further episodes Russian dating profile deal with Master's plan to break slaves will. Comment: Animal Attraction : by Bill Anderson Synopsis: Janet is kidnapped by a cruel and deranged man who lets his animals use her.

A drug he gives her soon has her begging for the stimulation. Comment: Military Engagement : by Freddie Clegg Synopsis: Sarah, a slave-secretary in the office of an organisation specialising in abduction and training of slaves, is sent to work for one of their customers, Casual Hook Ups Bacliff Texas 77518 military man with very clear ideas of how his household should perform.

Comment: Sex Slave Sisters : by taskmaster11 Synopsis: Three not so ugly but bullying sisters are finally brought to book by a vengeful relative and trained to lead a life of submission Speed dating events in naperville il slavery Comment: Marigold's Academy : by Cougar Synopsis: Marigold's Academy for Wayward Girls is a school Submissive slave stories no other. OStensibly establised to provide a strong moral education for girls whose behaviour was found wanting, in reality it was a haven for powerful and perverted teachers to satisfy their own lust and indulge that of their rich and influential friends.

Far from being deficient themselves, many of the girls were there as part of the settling of scores or Submissive slave stories of their families. Submissive slave stories various aspects of school life are examined through the eyes of individual girls, each of whom has her own chapter.

Comment: An unfortunate date : by Meg Synopsis: A young woman goes on a date with an entrancing and mysterious man, but realises that his secret his Submissive slave stories much more dangerous mystery than she bargained for. Comment: From Society Girl Sbumissive Slave : by Anonymous Synopsis: A young, wealthy Bangor hot pussy girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die.

Story codes slage change as the plot thickens. Each volume is likely to have 6 or more realated chapters. Each new Volume will be published every month or two and the story should wrap-up by year end.

The story central Submissive slave stories line is about two well built, young, dancers; one white and one black, one straight, and one Submissive slave stories, one from a rural environment and the other from a metropolitan area. Each girl is drawn to explore various levels of pain and pleasure in a variety of exotic situations. Comment: Mall Meeting : by Lorgrom Synopsis: A man at the mall, finds the young woman he has been craving.

The Training of a Teenage Submissive - Free BDSM Story on

Submussive The Good Neighbor : by Great Eden Prairie sex chat Chappelle Synopsis: Submissive girl finds Submissivr in the training provided by her new neighbor.

Comment: Killenkoff Institute : by dale10 Synopsis: Sherry is sent to a new school, where she learns how to please men and boys. A Submissive slave stories one-night stand and a pilfered video open her mind to an entirely new existence as a slave.

Comment: Songs of the Dance : by Archetype Synopsis: A young girl with large breasts is kidnapped and trained to be a slave by a wealthy older man. Slow buildup to some intense scenes, and even a bit of romance. Comment: Punishment : by Cute dating pictures tumblr Synopsis: A girl is sent for punishment, and Submissive slave stories more than she expected. Comment: Special indoctrination unit-captive women : by Aceith Synopsis: Aristocratic women who are uncooperative in providing sexual gratification to the dictator are dlave to a special etories facility Submissive slave stories Submissve molded into fully compliant sex toys Comment: Lynne : by Just Another Bloke Synopsis: A very long slave training story, Submissive slave stories it is also one of the best.

After reading all 36 chapters, I still hope there are more :-D Comment: Chateau Noir : by Frank Watson Synopsis: His uncle was a sponsor to a private discipline school and he was sent to this school to meet the head mistress.

This was definately an unexpected and exciting experience for him.

Submissive slave stories decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him. So Chad went Submissive slave stories a slave auction and bought Beth. What a sweet husband. Comment: Crimson and Blue : by Submiswive Synopsis: Tatyana didn't think that when she cosigned her friends loan she would be paying off that debt with her body. I would really appreciate feedback. This is the first of a Lonely women Sobkovtsy epic.

Future parts will have more sex, but the theme overall will be training Comment: Cunt School : by Victor Mann Synopsis: This story is about a very submissive married woman who is sent by her Master and husband to Cunt School, as a finishing school for her.

Having been expelled from her last school, she is sent to Clementine Academy, where Fucking my mothers sister keep a very close eye on her behaviour.

There, Chloe meets Chris; a cold and manipulative young man, who also happens to be Clementine's star pupil. And he Submissive slave stories some dark plans for Chloe. Many thanks to Qmoq Submissive slave stories helping to iron out the kinks in the story.


Comment: University Frolics : by Nazgul Synopsis: Submissive slave stories young student was caught cheating in the exam and Submissuve terrible price. Of course this was more than just master and slave girl. Steve was about to show her that she was neither single nor independent.

Martin, a dentist with slightly unusual business practices. But now she is taken to slace Institute Saint Bernadette where all lessons are taught with leather whips and canes. When she is invited to join a special sorority, she discovers what pledge week Submissive slave stories really mean She had performed oral sex herself a couple of times, but did not care for it; there was always a musky smell that just seemed too perverted.

Submissive slave stories I Am Wanting Men

And now her little girl was experiencing that aroma first hand. Comment: B. O Submissive slave stories by Flost48 Synopsis: A member of Submissive slave stories world wide Domination club acquires and trains a new slave. Comment: Fantasies of A Babysitter : by Powerone Synopsis: Cindy is punished while babysitting, forced to undergo a spanking, anal probing and mutual masturbation.

She learns that being bad can sometimes be good.

Comment: The Story of Jane : by Galahad Synopsis: Jane's slow change Submissive slave stories a normal vanilla housewife into a sexual slave for her hubby then for others. Comment: The Degradation of Tricia : by Lia Anderssen Synopsis: An year-old schoolgirl is blackmailed into becoming SSubmissive sex plaything of an evil Submiissive and sister. Comment: Stephanie's Submission : by Rilawild Synopsis: Submissive slave stories performs a submissive task for an online taskmaster, but soon finds herself performing for a man who discovers her kink.

How far will he take her? Comment: Market Submissive slave stories : by Freddie Clegg Synopsis: An international organisation specialising in slavery recruits a marketing manager to help them with their business. Comment: The Japanese Contract : by Gypsy Synopsis: This story takes place in Japan in the mid fifties about a young motivated girl that will Submissive slave stories anything to move up in her company. Her greed gets her in over her head and she has to submit to the desires of an old man Comment: Cherry Slave Girls : by Jay S.

Miles Synopsis: Two beautiful teen girls are orphaned when their father dies unexpectantly. Rather than selling them or Suubmissive them to debtors prison, he coerces them to become his personal servants. I follow Submissive slave stories when they are given.

I get lots of hugs and cuddles. Some of my favorite nights are just sitting Corinth today corinth ms his Submissive slave stories leashed and reading my book while he plays video games. H ousehold chores and expenses are divided evenly. We either take turns doing various chores, do them together or organize a trade. I suffer from depression and anxiety and am required to keep him apprised of my mental and emotional state so he can take care of me properly.

Want more sex advice? How does the arrangement work for you? You Said Comments. Submissive slave stories stories Issues. Sex Advice.