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natural fibers, natural ways
little kitchen joys

MAKE  |  sisal grass fiber, stainless steel

STORY  |  There was no means of doing the dishes I enjoyed until I found these natural fiber brushes from Japan. Rags got mushy, sponges were gross in a day. These little brushes, made of natural plant fibers, have been the norm in Japan for ages. Hang them to dry between uses and they say they may last six years!

Sisal is a fiber of the agave plant. It is resistant to oil and staining. When it gets wet, it becomes softer to the touch while still retaining it's shape. 

CREATOR  |  These scrubbers have been made by hand in Tokyo for over 100 years by Kameoko Kozuko. I found this shop just strolling by and couldn't help but be drawn by the beautiful natural fibers hanging in the window. Committed to well-made goods for the home and body, Kameoko Kozuko products endure timelessly.

handmade in Japan