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would the world be
if we said no to plastic

 a happier home

MAKE | 100% certified organic cotton

STORY  |  Our oceans demand we end our throwaway culture. Pieces of plastic bags are regularly founds washed up on beaches and in sea animals bellies. Neither paper or plastic bags are very good for the environment. The best option is to use a bag that will hold up for use after use. These bags are a joy to use, hold way more than you'd expect at first glance and will look just as good in 5 years. They'll quickly pay for themselves in saved throwaway bag fees. We've tested them to hold 36+ onions which is equal to 12-15lbs.

CREATOR | These ocean friendly bags come from eco-bags and are good for 1000s of uses. Eco-bags is working to end our throwaway culture by making gorgeous, durables bags you'll want to use.

size: 12"W x 15"H
machine wash cold, hang dry