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windows to the soul
openness gently shines through you
eyes, soft and open

MAKE  |  ebony wood and horse hair

STORY  |  This is a very handy little tool for getting ready in the morning, especially for ladies who like to use little product but make the most of what they have. The soft bristle side is used to shape eyebrows and give them direction. The hard ebony wood side combs through eyelashes after you apply mascara (and/or before!) to take away any clumps, seperate and define.

CREATOR  |  Crafted by Edoya, a handmade brush company located in Japan since 1718, these brushes are the finest quality imaginable. Meant to last lifetimes, these brushes are crafted one-by-one with great care. Made of only wood, plant fibers and gently trimmed animal hair, these brushes are the epitome of sustainable and beautiful self care.

handmade in Japan