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dewy ocean mist
kisses of gardenia
feeling all clear now

daily toner for balanced to oily skin

INGREDIENTS  |  *witch hazel water, *everlasting flower hydrosol, *vegetable glycerine, *ylang ylang essential oil, *gardenia absolute

STORY  |  Toners are what made me fall in love with caring for my skin. The mist of the plants caressing my face transports me into a state of pure bliss.

From a functional perspective, this toner will hydrate the water element of your skin and enable your skin to absorb more moisturizer.

The everlasting flower hydrosol is grounding while still being uplifting. It's also an ever-so-gentle astringent that will keep the oily parts of skin in check. Ylang ylang encourages balance of yin & yang and of oily and drier. The gardenia scent harkens back to the rich, strong gardenia petals of my southern roots.

RITUAL  |  Shake gently before using. Spritz liberally over face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing. You can keep this in your bag and use it throughout the day to freshen up and keep your skin hydrated.

delivered in solar protective amber bottle

*certified organic

†organically grown on a local Californian farm, no federal certification but still organic