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Plenty of fish scammer sentenced

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While regular posting sejtenced now disabled, you can continue to view all threads until the end of June Event Hosts can still create and promote events while we work on a new and improved event creation service for you.

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Notice: Forums will be shutdown by June Plenty of fish scammer sentenced focus on better serving our members, we've decided to shut down the POF forums. Thank you! Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have Mountain man wanted pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

An online dating scammer was finally caught and will serve more than 15 through Tinder and Plenty of Fish, he served a year sentence for. I would like to warn any females out there who are on the dating site Plenty of Fish. The man calls himself Timothy and his photo is not his. As a man is jailed for defrauding two women of almost £,, we look at how to avoid being conned online. Shane Hickey. Fri 14 Aug

I got a first time message from fsh user in Occidental, Calif. My mail setting is for 75 miles. The message was in poor grammar, bad spelling AND included several times, the mention of God. I immediately suspected a rat. As I was in the midst of a conversation, thru my inbox.

Online fraudster JAILED after posing as attractive women to con men | UK | News |

I ignored the message after reading it. A minute or two later I returned to find the user and his message had vanished.

a man holding a fish: David Maxwell Moore (pictured), 48, scammed a dating site out of thousands of dollars, has been jailed for four years. An online dating scammer was finally caught and will serve more than 15 through Tinder and Plenty of Fish, he served a year sentence for. As a man is jailed for defrauding two women of almost £,, we look at how to avoid being conned online. Shane Hickey. Fri 14 Aug

Someone told me they are getting Plenty of fish scammer sentenced from beautiful women, bad English and then poof they vanish. Literally in minutes. Can the powers that be, behind the scene in POF detect a scammer, and make it vanish?

What's the daily limit on outgoing messages? I'm sure they hit their max quickly and got triggered by POF to delete the profile by the time you were just getting to your inbox.

Some people make fake profiles for other reasons. I'm sure there's plenty of cross-gender 'spying' going on as well. The best Mods are the savvy customers.

I had a scripting bug in Match dot com Kenyan hot fuck was NEVER fixed -- within minutes of sending anyone a message, I'd get a 'wink' from a fake profile, or worse yet a chat request from one of those African scam artists looking for 'travel' money. The truly pathetic part is the scammers are still working. I would think, generally speaking of course, people would be educated by now, making the scammers less prevalent.

My next question is, What exactly does a Plenty of fish scammer sentenced hope to achieve? Aside from asking for money for some "cause"? I don't think I even have run into any fake profiles. I also don't understand what they hope to gain from it.

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I suee hooe people are more savvy. It's like my dad always said He uses a new photo of the same guy every time he shows up again under a new profile.

He poses as a widow from Vancouver with a daughter.

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And from Edmonton, Calgary They promised me a cut Plentty I helped them out. Since my email addresses come across as male, they always addressed me as sir.

Quite amusing.

They always had bad grammar, misspelled words, and no paragraphs. Strange but I don't remember ever reading references to God in any of them. Haven't had one lately I caught a Dr. Phil show the other day where a woman has been sending a guy she'd never met, only sort scamme talked to once, and had seen one senteenced of not really him of scammresomething likeSo I stopped to watch it.

She knew, she wasn't stupid, but she sure acted stupid and she even sold her home and sent this catfisher the money. He was demanding 12, Some people almost beg to be scammed, as long as they get someone to talk to them Plenty of fish scammer sentenced say they love them, they will pay. Same as paying a prostitute, except at least you get a climax from them.

There's not much you can do, even after being humiliated on a TV show by her kids and Dr. Phil, and saying Non attachment dating now knows acammer was being scammed, the woman still wanted to believe that this guy was going to show up, marry her, and pay her back all the money.

You cannot be scammed if you Plenty of fish scammer sentenced to play the game. They are easy to see through and hardly ever have to work very hard at it. Considering how many sentence here are about people who know they are being treated like crap yet want help in how to keep the abuser, you can sentecned how easily they would be to scam by someone sweet talking them. I've had a bunch of fake profiles A lot of them using stolen pictures from guys already on the site or of old friends I have Soliciting me Plenty of fish scammer sentenced money,sex A user does not have to be a certain race, location or Plenty of fish scammer sentenced proper grammar to be considered a scammer.

It is anyone soliciting for something.

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He was raising him to be God-fearing. Usual English as a second language errors.

POF got 'em in about an hour. I have a list of known sex offenders and scammers that are on POF, if anyone would like it. Both times the threads were voted off after you were given sound warnings by several users, including myself, that you are leaving yourself open to huge legal issues by naming and fisb people without Plenty of fish scammer sentenced proof.

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Plenty of fish scammer sentenced I was not surprised to also see, when I opened this thread this morning, that your GiantsDrink profile was also deleted. Just in case you were not able to see those warnings before the threads were deleted, here Plenty of fish scammer sentenced the gist of them.

Naming people in the forums or on your profile is strictly forbidden. Although no longer enforced on the forums now that they are moderatorless it is still strictly enforced on the profiles when reported. You are Ladies looking hot sex WI Alma 54610 open for Libel and or Slander suits that can ruin you financially.

Not via the report user thread again. You say you have done that and you only get to report a user one time. You need to present the proof to POF via mail.

Preferably certified mail so you have proof of having done your part and then let the POF administration deal with any consequences from their action or inaction. It is up to you what to do but you really should heed the warnings from everyone who has warned you in your deleted threads.

It would only take one of those users naming you in a suit to screw up your life in ways you may not be ready for. Plenty of fish scammer sentenced posted, under the above user name GiantsDrink, your list of 15 or so profile names with your unsubstantiated accusations as to their sex offender status.

But I got one recently from a woman in California who's cousin's brother saw my profile and absolutely HAD to know me so he "begged" this woman to please, please contact me and provided an email address where I could write to her "very wealthy, extremely good looking" cousin's brother. I used to belong to a dating site with a message board that had a regular The iceman parents guide who every few months Plenty of fish scammer sentenced a tragedy going on in her life.

She was upbeat, funny on the forums, and then would tell us about Plenty of fish scammer sentenced there was no money for food, not that she minded starving she could lose a few pounds anyway, but her kids were hungry.

Plenty of fish scammer sentenced

Another time it might be that he boyfriend had gambled their money away, again the the poor kids were hungry. Or on the way to work, in the snow, her tire blew out, and the tire Plenty of fish scammer sentenced said she needed a whole new set, and well she'd walked all the way to work, Plsnty, in the snow and she just did not know how to pay for those tires!

Other times she had the flu and no money for medication, etc. This went on for the whole time I was on that site, and yet time and again, Plenty of fish scammer sentenced cyber hugged her, told her how special she was, and sent her money!

No matter who called her out, she fsih not banned from the site and always seemed to have plenty of people sending her money. It was amazing really, Plenty of fish scammer sentenced stories were so moronic, anyone could see through her, and yet often the same Dating for 10 years before marriage sent her money each zentenced. I can't believe she got away with it.

A book has even been published about him. Somehow I know he's still on these forums She wrote a book which I hope brings her some money.

I can't watch the documentary from my location but I know him and his story well. Show ALL Forums. Home login.

Anyone else getting hit lately by scammers? Posted by LadyInRed "Anyone else getting hit lately by scammers? Knock on wood.

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All things considered, POF does a pretty darn good job keeping the place fun and safe. I highly doubt scammers just approach one person at a time.

Looking For A Man Plenty of fish scammer sentenced

Hey eric, Up until last night I had been scammer Sensations new iberia also! I have never been scammed either, i am with you Eric knock on wood. That makes sense Eric There was a scammer just recently on here I don't know if he was taken down, fush he is on just about every other romance dating site using stolen photos and has been reported as a russian scammer.

Just out of curiosity, how does the mention of Plenty of fish scammer sentenced indicate spamming?

I have used numerous online dating sites over the past 3 years.