Hi! My name is Sarah Denae Patterson. I felt a calling to create a space of community for myself and others who are on a journey of living organic, fluid & free.

I am a dreamer who knows anything is possible. I am drawn to beautiful things. I only have space in my tiny boat for durable things that put function first. I work with plants to intuitively formulate self-care products and nourishing food. I am a wandering treasure hunter. I am committed to the daily pursual of my highest self. I am committed to creating a space where others can learn and grow into their highest selves. I am a yoga teacher. I am a sailor. I live aboard a Formosa 41' sailboat. I am a voice of the ocean.

The seed for Salinity was planted inside of me while I was visiting the natural onsen (hot springs & bath houses) of Japan. I realized the wonders of taking time to truly care for oneself and wanted to inspire others to create their own loving rituals.

After a career in natural grocery & studying the affects how what we put into our bodies affects us, I decided years ago that for myself, I wouldn't put anything on my skin that would be harmful inside of me. This led to an exploration of making my own beauty products because it was hard to find products that met my standards of healthiness & effectivity.

I've always had a bit of a chemist in me. I love mixing ingredients together and marveling at how they result in a substance totally different. I always am studying the plants around me, listening & incorporating them into my life. What we love deep inside of us never changes.

I've grown to realize that there are too many toxic self-care products & not enough intelligently made natural products. This is my background, which formed the standards I set for myself creating everything at Salinity.

While living in California, I was amazed by the bountiful medicinal herbs, flowers and roots. I began picking and drying my own teas, cooking with all fresh herbs in-season and drying herbs or the winter. I could not help but start incorporating them into my skincare too. The results were too gorgeously potent to keep to myself. So, I began to share my cleanser with anybody interested, hone the formulation for my toners and perfect the infusion of my serums.

California was always a temporary home for me. In the two-year period I lived there, I moved onto a sailboat (a dream years in the making), quit the job I moved to California for, fell head over heels in love, eloped, started three businesses, moved onto another boat big enough for two, totally rebuilt and remodeled that boat, transitioned Salinity's operations to a trusted friend and laid the foundations to spend years sailing around the world. We're finalizing preparations now to leave for Mexico in September or October.

With this merges a dream from my university years to travel and share the stories of place. I plan to build collections in collaboration with the artisans I meet around the world to offer you. This projects is just beginning and will probably grow legs at the beginning of 2018, once I'm accustomed to my sea legs!



I hope to help you create a delightful, simple & healthy day-to-day that will make you glow from inside your soul into the world around you.

Salinity was inspired by diving into the ocean on a warm summer day, by healing mineral waters at rural bath houses, by taking long, steamy showers after a full day and by a love of knowing about nourishing natural ingredients that work.

For our my skincare products, I've searched the world for the finest botanicals and minerals from land and sea. We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible, but if I find a small farm producing quality organics that is not certified organic, I will use their harvest because it is sometimes financially limiting for small farms to obtain certification. Some of our ingredients are wildcrafted, which means that they have been hand-harvested, with permission, in a sustainable manner.

Salinity, a being of it's own right, has morphed into a bigger project since it's birth. Salinity has become an experiment on how business and life can sustainably support each other. It's expanded to embrace the community, drawing in other artisans and even the places themselves. It has demanded of me that I share tidbits about my life as a sailor. It is my hope that somehow, someway Salinity will enrich your life.


Salinity is a sustainable, green business that defines a job well done as meeting the triple-bottom-line of business by being sustainable in terms of people, planet and profit. We believe that to be sustainable, we must exam every detail of our business: every flower, seed, mineral, person and bottle involved and ask if we can make any changes that would make us a better business for the world. We want to be part of a movement of many businesses that are making the choice to exist in harmony with people & the planet.
We take into consideration every person and community who is in any way involved with Salinity, to making sure we are in some way improving their life.
  • Our ingredient sources pay everyone a fair wage.
  • We build direct relationships with every ingredient supplier.
  • We give back to the communities in tangible ways.
  • Planet:
    • You can pronounce and understand all of the ingredients that go into our products.
    • SALINITY is a zero-waste company.
    • We only use products that are non-toxic and sustainably harvested. From flowers that go in my facial cleansers to the sea salt to the minimal packaging we mail your gorgeous treats in, we consider every material we use.
    • Our suppliers are all guided by similar principles of environmental sustainability.
    • We make sure everything I use is toxin-free, but some small farms can't afford expensive organic certification, so if we know a supplier is using 100% organic practices, we will work with them.
    • The final aspect of being sustainable is being financial sustainable internally, as well as contributing a real financial value to the communities we interact with, from the farmers and supplier we buy from, to you, my gorgeously caring customers and supporters.
    • We give back 5% of my profits annually to environmentally minded organizations.
    Radical Transparency:
    • We let customers know every single ingredient in my formulas. There is nothing on our labels that mysteriously says 'aroma' or 'fragrance'.
    • Our suppliers have a deep knowledge of their own supply chains and can trace everything they use to their sources.
    • If customers have a question about any of my products, we are always happy to answer them.
    • You can follow us on instagram @SalinityStudio to truly see behind the scenes.