I would love to dive fully into Salinity - can you suggest a routine?

Sure! I've written in detail about discovering your own routine here. Finding your own rhythm of care is deeply personal. If you still have questions after reading the "ritual" section, please email us at hello@salinitystudio.com

Are your products for people with sensitive or oily skin?

My products are for everyone! Too good to be true? I designed this line to bring skin into a natural harmony and balance with itself, keeping a particular mind on regaining our natural pH and hydration levels. SALINITY products use 100% natural ingredients intended to bring balance of pH, hydration and health to all skin types. Use common sense - if you have incredibly sensitive skin, consult your physician before you make any major changes. If you are being gentle and listening to your body with love, SALINITY products will guide your skin to a balanced, healthy glow.

What's in a name?

I chose the name Salinity to honor the salt water floating below the sailboat I lived on when I founded Salinity. Living in harmony with the water, it is so important to me that we take proactive steps to protect our blue planet. Also, we use salt in Clarify & Cleanse. We harvest that salt ourselves from areas of the Pacific Ocean that are rated to be among the healthiest, giving you the most nourishing experience possible. We believe in the healing powers of the ocean and are doing what we can to bottle that up for you.