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Massage therapist dating

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The professional touch of the massage therapist could be misinterpreted.

A practicing MTAA member is required to create and Massage therapist dating a safe and comfortable environment, inclusive of trust and mutual respect. The following guidelines define the boundaries of the professional client-practitioner relationship and specify appropriate verbal and physical interaction to maintain those boundaries.

These guidelines are not all-inclusive, but will be used in the event that Disciplinary action is required. The Professional Massage therapist dating Practitioner: Will in no way allow or encourage any kind of sexual activity datijg their professional setting, be respectful of the therapeutic relationship and maintain appropriate boundaries.

Will terminate the professional relationship prior to engaging in any sexual or romantic behavior.

Massage therapist dating notes should indicate the discharge date of the professional relationship. Is always responsible and liable for their actions, even if the client initiated the situation.

Gives the client clear choice as to their state of dress under drape. Does not flirt with clients verbally or in any way create a flirtatious atmosphere.

Uses appropriate clinical terminology when speaking about body parts to the client. The following guidelines have been Massage therapist dating to identify what is considered appropriate body contact during a massage session. The Professional Daging Practitioner: Never uses the chest, head, face, lips, hair, Massage therapist dating or breasts to massage a client.

Never uses the face or front of pelvis for bracing or supporting a client. Never works in the nipple area, genitals, or the anus.

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Seeks informed consent from the client to Massage therapist dating on the chest around breast tissue, buttocks, front of the hip near genitals, and stomach.

The components of informed consent are: Practitioner informs client about the nature and duration of the proposed techniques e.

Practitioner gives reasons Massage therapist dating the proposed technique. Practitioner and client create and understand a shared objective for the outcome of the treatment. Client is advised of their right to accept or reject the proposed treatment or parts of it, either before, during or after the treatment.