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I called the police and then posted to the admittedly sometimes racially charged Nextdoor app, in the hopes that my neighbors would check the locks balck their cars and homes.

It was, however, the first time I was certain the suspicious person was pleaxe black man. I feel an obligation to my family and my neighbors to report crimes. If the incident had been a forced entry or violent in any way, I would feel less torn about having called the police.

And really, people should know better than to leave their cars unlocked. But what if he had been arrested? I also shudder to think how many young black men vaguely mn his description were harassed by officers after my call. Did I do the right thing by calling the police?

"Straight black men are trash": Do I have to agree? |

Or am I bordering here on behaving like BBQ Becky — the white woman in California who called the police on a group of black people having a barbecue? Name Withheld, Missouri.

What you boack was a series of apparent attempts at theft — and entering a vehicle or a residence with the intent to steal typically constitutes burglary, whether the door is locked or not. Reporting such behavior is an act of civic responsibility.

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In your particular state, with its notably lax gun laws, people may not leave their wallets in their car but may well keep pistols in their glove compartments. In recent years, the theft of firearms, often from vehicles, has risen sharply where you live.

Your state also has the highest rate of black homicide victims in the country and most violent crimes are indeed intraracial.

Still, your anxiety that the police might overreact to your call is reasonable. In a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, about half of African-Americans reported being treated badly by police officers because of their race.

Fewer than 5 percent of white Americans said this.

One Pocket prayer pro android caused by the flagrant abuses of police authority we see reported in the media — the sort of events that generated the Black Lives Matter movement — is that they Looking to please a good black man community support for the police, and such support is essential to successful policing.

That there are too many occasions when police officers abuse the rights of citizens does not mean that most police-civilian interactions go wrong. Your hesitance about involving law enforcement points to a larger crisis of trust, one undergirded by worrying racial disparities throughout the criminal-justice system.

I recently put the condominium I lived in as a graduate student on the market. I moved out innot the best time to sell real estate. During all these years, the condo board allowed pleasf to rent out my unit. Themed date ideas

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When the condo hit the market, I received an offer on the first day. The Looknig was good: 95 percent of my asking price with a preapproved buyer.

It was not perfect, as it involved an F. I was still ready to make a counteroffer, however, and would have gone forward if we could have reached a middle ground on some concerns I had.

We never got to that stage, though.

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When I Googled the name of the prospective buyer, I learned that the person was charged with attempted sexual assault in while in college. The gist of the charge is that he kissed a fellow student against her will, refused to leave her room, attempted to touch her sexually and exposed himself to her.

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I am 99 percent sure this is the person who wants to buy my condo. The person has very unusual first, last and middle names, and someone with that name was arrested last year on charges of t conduct in the city where I own the condo. I looked up the court calendar, and his trial for the attempted sexual assault was set for this spring.

In the abstract, I do believe that people who are charged with a crime should not be barred from purchasing real estate. But I also like the people who live in my building, and they have always been generous to me in letting me rent out my unit.

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Was such a decision justified? Name Withheld, Chicago.

People will complain that your making the decision before he was tried means that you were ignoring the presumption of innocence. We can make reasonable judgments as individuals, however, on the basis of the total evidence available to us.

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There are various considerations here. The federal government, inwarned that a blanket policy against providing housing to people with criminal records could violate the Fair Housing Act, because of its disparate impact on minority applicants.

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Still, the recidivism rate of sex offenders means that Loooking pose a greater risk than do people taken at random. Once again, a clash between values presents itself — in this case, between giving proper weight to sexual assault and giving proper weight to the welfare of the accused.

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But in siding with a community you were once a part of against the interests of a stranger, you did nothing wrong. Pleasf could make a case that you protected your building from the prospect of housing a convicted sex offender whose propensity to assault women was higher than that of the average person.

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The arrest on charges of disorderly conduct provides further reason for concern. Kwame Anthony Appiah teaches philosophy at N.

Include a daytime phone number. Name Withheld, Missouri What you saw was a series of apparent attempts at theft — and entering a vehicle or a residence with the intent to steal typically constitutes burglary, whether the door is locked or not.

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