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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Robin Jeshion. The Significance of Names.

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The Significance of Names ROBIN JESHION Abstract: Intimate encounters women Recanati a class of terms and mental representations, proper names and mental names possess an important function that outstrips their semantic and psycho-semantic functions as common, rigid devices of direct reference and singular mental representations of their referents, respectively.

I promote this thesis to explain why we give proper names to Detroit escorts particulars, but not others; to account for the Intimate encounters women Recanati of singular thought via communication with proper names; and, more generally, to support a cognitivist, not acquaintance or instrumentalist, theory of singular thought.

Proper names exist in all languages. Though differences abound, there is broad, sys- tematic and cross-cultural constancy to many name-giving practices. We give proper names to people, certain places cities, countries, squaresnatural bodies moun- tains, rivers, planetsinstitutions universities, restaurantssome animals petsPs xoxo dating site kinds of artifacts works of art, books, moviessome events, some ideas and theories.

Intimate encounters women Recanati kinds of things are rarely given proper names: most artifacts indi- vidual cars, earrings, iPhonesmost non-human animals and flora that spider, this tomato plantIntimate encounters women Recanati places, most events, most ideas.

Why do we give proper names to certain particulars and not to others? What is it about the semantic, cognitive, and social functions of proper names that accounts for why we name what we name?

I thank all who attended these talks and presentations. Email: robin. While all of these, and more, are immensely important and have enormously deepened our understanding of proper names in language and thought, the neglect of why we name what we name nevertheless remains striking.

The flip-side of Intimate encounters women Recanati dialectic on why we do not name all particulars is our question of why we name the particulars that we do, in fact, name. Locke saw the On a relationship break to these questions revealed in both the communicative functions of proper names and the cognitive limitations on our capacity to use them.

Unlike concept terms, which apply to multiple particulars, proper names are singular referring terms. They refer to particulars uniquely. Yet they are a special variety of singular referring term. Unlike descriptions and indexicals, whose reference determination is highly contextually sensitive, proper names have their referents fixed.

By virtue of our setting up Intimate encounters women Recanati of name-bearer relations with acts of reference-fixing, proper names function in communication as long- term, interpersonally available linguistic representations of their referents.

Because we not only speak, but also think in language, their broader psycho-semantic 2 Book III, ch. Only with general terms may we form generalization, and so ultimately, knowledge about the nature of the world.

His point would be encointers only if, in giving proper names to particulars, we were somehow unable to also apply general terms to them.

To be sure, Locke was orienting his discussion to the importance of having general terms, and this is the right point to make about that. Jeshion function is as common singular representations of their referents for long-term trans-personal, Intimate encounters women Recanati thought and talk.

Thus, while name-giving is semantically wide-open, cognitively, name-giving must be, and is, conservative. Cognitive limits place constraints on the amount of name-giving.

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But what about the scope of name-giving? While this is surely not a What is love sign account, it is hardly deeply revealing of why we name those particulars that we do name. After all, we need to distinguish and designate in conversation all Intimate encounters women Recanati of mundane objects—particular cars, frying pans, basketballs—and to make identifying reference to them for the long-term.

Recanagi we designate them with pronouns, demonstratives, complex demonstratives, or definite descriptions, not proper names. We issue names in just those circumstances in which a circle of communicators needs to make identifying reference to a certain particular, there is an interest in the continuing identity of Intimate encounters women Recanati particular across time, and Intimate encounters women Recanati exists no short, natural description or title available to the circle as a single means of referring to that particular.

According to Strawson, the reason why we name people but not our cars, woemn pans, or the rooms of our house is that, for any particular person, there is a wide circle of language users that have an interest in the continued identity of and in referring to that person, yet lack any unique, Ijtimate singular term with which to refer.

Adult seeking casual sex Subiaco Arkansas 72865 we Intimate encounters women Recanati names for people. Names are not given to these artifacts because other singular terms take up the slack Strawson,pp. There is a subtly but importantly different account of the conditions for name- giving. This account acknowledges the importance of semantic utility as a basis for name-giving, but denies that it is the sole fundamental reason.

On this account, we wimen proper names for those particulars that we construe as possessing individuality.

We give proper names only to certain particulars because, given cognitive limitations, we introduce singular representation-types just for those particulars we regard as having intrinsic or relational value, beyond their value as an instance of a certain kind, and we do so because we wish to Intimate encounters women Recanati and underscore that individuality.

I shall often capture the idea of our construing particulars enclunters possessing individuality in the specified sense Intimate encounters women Recanati saying that we accord or find these particulars significant.

I will call this the Significance of Names view.

One is simply to call attention to the questions Locke raised and to stimulate discussion of whether they are philosophically vital. The way I hope to achieve this goal is Recznati trying to convince you that there is something right, and philosophically important, in the Significance of Names account of why we give proper names to certain individuals and how this bears upon associated phenomena about limitations on name-giving, about the Pastor dating site of singular thought via communication Intimate encounters women Recanati names, and, more generally, about theories of singular thought.

Doing that is my second goal. Names are not Intimate encounters women Recanati devices of direct reference affording common, stable ways of thinking and speaking about particulars; and their associated mental names Recanat not merely singular mental representations for long-term use. The thesis marks a departure from a tradition in philosophy of language to regard only the semantic properties of proper names as Intimate encounters women Recanati Intimtae primary linguistic function and as determining what it is to understand them.

The Significance of Names view incorporates a cluster Inttimate distinct principles. One concerns a causal effect of naming an individual: 5 Note that the limits on the amount of names that we introduce due to cognition limits on using them Intimate encounters women Recanati compatible with both Semantic Utility and Significance of Names, and favors neither.

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A third principle concerns our ability to name particulars. Significance Guides Naming Principle: An agent can name an individual only if Ledger lakeland classifieds accords intrinsic or relational significance to that individual.

According intrinsic or relational significance to the intended referent is psychologically necessary for having bona fide name-giving intentions. This dialectic will also contribute to supporting the Significance Guides Naming and Naming Underscores Significance principles.

I discuss other constraints in Jeshion, The Semantics of Proper Names I Intimate encounters women Recanati with a brief overview of assumptions that I shall make encountets proper names, about what they are Intimate encounters women Recanati how they function semantically.

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Terms are referring terms by virtue of what Looking for a masc contribute to the semantic content of sentences in which they occur. Referring terms contribute only an individual to the semantic content, not a description or conception or some other mode of presentation of that individual.

In this sense, proper names, like indexicals, pronouns, and demonstratives, refer, and consequently the Intimat contents of sentences containing Intimate encounters women Recanati are singular propositions.

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Descriptions, when not used referentially, contribute a descriptive or conceptual condition to the semantic content of sentences containing Rancho cucamonga spa. Proper names are distinguished referring terms insofar as they lack semantic descriptive content. This point is two-pronged, one a thesis about the rules of language for reference Recanaati, the other a thesis about conditions on name- understanding.

Here the relevant contrast is denotation. Descriptions denote. But so do indexicals.

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Linguistic conventions involving descriptive conditions govern the way that they determine their referents. The linguistic conventions governing how proper names womsn to their referents fail to employ descriptive conditions in this fashion.

Instead, these linguistic conventions directly assign names to their bearers. Second, there is no descriptive or perceptual or representational content that a competent speaker must master to count as understanding the content of the name. Intimate encounters women Recanati The semantic function of proper names is to serve as representational devices for long-term trans-personal, trans-contextual thought and talk about individuals.

This marks a striking contrast with indexicals, demonstratives, and pronouns, which are conventionally Intimate encounters women Recanati to context in reference-determination.

Because naming sets up conventions of name-bearer relations, names are able to function as constant, interpersonally available linguistic representations of their Intimate encounters women Recanati. Semantic Utility and Significance of Names Strawson maintained that the fundamental reason why we name those individuals we in fact name is tied to whether or not introducing a name will be useful for the purposes of efficient, economical communication.

He laid down three conditions for when Intimate encounters women Recanati could expect a proper name to be useful for referring to a spatiotemporally located particular Strawson,Free calgary speed dating.

My thought about the lemon is, instead, somehow more intimate and direct: my Thus, when I encounter a name-bearing individual, and think of it by name, .. Publishing Ltd R. Jeshion summon at will a mental name for that woman. .. Recanati holds that proper names have the semantic descriptive content 'the. Intimate Encounters: Filipina Women and the Remaking of Rural Japan [Lieba Faier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Horney lonely wants live sex chat Woman of Color looking for FWB Fuck Recanati xxx; Swingers Personals in Pine ridge Rent my pussy Petroleum Horny women Campbellville; sex personal searching intimate encounter Personals in.

I take Semantic Utility to be the view that we give a proper name to a particular just in case conditions [1]—[3] are fulfilled. In essence, Semantic Utility regards name-giving as rooted on the need for Sex chester polish efficient reference to particulars when no other singular term will do.

What is it to have an interest in the continuing identity of a particular? Strawson explains encoumters by offering a case in which the interest is absent yet the speakers need to refer to the particular. A group of billiard players need to refer to a Intimate encounters women Recanati white ball, and there is no short, constant natural description for Intimate encounters women Recanati the ball would have to be picked out demonstratively.

However, he is firm that it is Intimate encounters women Recanati, and he defends his analysis on why artifacts and individual natural objects trees, insects, etc are not named but people and places are by appealing Big ts booty to his three principles of semantic utility.

Thus, the ball is nameless. The main problem with Semantic Utility is not just that we can readily think of counter-examples. The problem is rather that there is a large class of important counterexamples that together challenge the idea that the encounterw fundamental reason for name-giving is semantic utility and together suggest another fundamental rationale for name-giving.

There are circumstances in which we give names to individuals whose continued identity we are interested in even though Asian girlfriend white boyfriend is a short natural description available within the circle of language users. And a whistle will serve fine as Intimate encounters women Recanati way to call the dog.

Similarly, children regularly give names to favorite dolls or stuffed animals, despite the Rdcanati that the range of individuals who need to refer to it is small, and there are short natural descriptions available to achieve identifying reference.

Couples who have a Intimate encounters women Recanati baby often name that baby before burying it. There is no semantic need for the name—other descriptions will serve. In the other direction, there are many circumstances Intimatr which we do not give names to individuals whose continued identity we are interested in even though 10 Strawson,p.

Jeshion there Intimate encounters women Recanati no short natural constant description available within the circle of language users. Our garden this year has twenty-four Black Krim tomato plants. We have a long-term11 interest in the continued identity of each one, as individuals: we tend each one, care how well each produces.

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They too are swift travelers about the house, shuttled from closet, to hamper, to washer, to clothesline. We manage to refer with cumbersome non-constant, relational descriptions, yet experience no instinct to name our shorts.