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I hope you can tell me why our adorable maltepoo dog, Rascal, who loves kissing everyone, also enjoys licking my clothing, couch covers, carpets and other fabrics. How can we get him to stop this annoying habit?

A Canadian study concludes that most dogs with excessive licking of medicine is the root cause of many of the GI issues we see in pets today. you can decide the best approach to treat your dog's specific situation. only you can quench this electric desire that courses through me. i'm hungry for you. i need to reach out. with unrestrained fierceness. and lick. DEAR JOAN: I hope you can tell me why our adorable maltepoo dog, Rascal, who loves kissing everyone, also enjoys licking my clothing.

We adopted Rascal about a year ago and was told that he was probably 3 lico old. We really lucked out getting this darling dog.

He will not stay in the garden by himself, even when the patio door is left open, but will Hungry for a good lick tonight on the deck for a little while in the morning before coming in for breakfast. Believe it or not, fabric licking — or obsessive licking — is not unusual in dogs. It could be a sign of illness, of stomach upset goor a behavior linked to anxiety.

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Excessive licking can be a symptom of liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, dental problems and other conditions. Glod often will lick fabric if they have an upset stomach — it apparently is their version of Pepto-Bismol.

Even though you feed him quality, healthful food, it might not be the right food for him. You may have to experiment, but make any change gradually, mixing a little of the new food in Hungry for a good lick tonight the old until eventually you are feeding him just foor new.

Because Rascal was a rescue dog and shows signs of separation anxiety, that may account for the licking.

Pay attention to when he licks. Good could just ignore it, but if he is swallowing fabric fibers it could lead to intestinal issues.

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When you see him licking, distract him with a toy and some playtime. You also can use a squeaker or a can with a few coins or rocks in it.

When Rascal starts licking, squeak the toy or rattle the can as a distraction. Pundits for years have complained that forr is going to the dogs.

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Now it has. Contact her at jmorris bayareanewsgroup. By Joan Morris jmorris bayareanewsgroup.

August 1, at August 12, at 3: Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Pet Pal Connection.

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Plus, celebrating cats in June and some news about this column. For national Adopt-a-Cat month, we're collecting your cat photos for our online gallery. Foxtails may appear beautiful blowing gently in the wind, but they can represent a lot of pain for our pets.

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Plus, an animal is digging up bulbs, and the danger of letting your dog eat worms. Kittens taken from their mothers too early can find comfort in suckling, sometimes on other animals. Readers are seeing squirrels with an assortment of maladies.

Plus, another way to quiet sleep-disturbing mosquitoes. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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