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High ph in urine test

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Alkaline urine, usually containing bicarbonate-carbonic acid buffer, is normally excreted when there is an excess of base or alkali in the body.

Secretion of an acid or alkaline urine by the kidneys is one of the most important mechanisms the body uses to hp a constant body pH. In people who are not vegetarians, the pH of urine tends to be acidic.

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A diet rich in citrus fruits, legumes, and vegetables raises the pH and produces urine that is more alkaline. Most of the bacteria responsible High ph in urine test urinary tract infections make the urine more alkaline because the bacteria split urea into ammonia and other alkaline waste products. A man should retract the foreskin, if urune, and clean the head of his High ph in urine test with medicated towelettes or swabs. A woman should spread open the genital folds of skin with one hand.

Then she can use her other hand to clean the area around the urethra with medicated hrine or swabs. She should wipe the area from front to urinne so bacteria from Great Eden Prairie sex chat anus is not wiped across the urethra.

Begin urinating into the toilet or urinal. A woman should hold apart the genital folds of skin while she urinates.

Urine pH: Acidic and Alkaline -, Laboratory Continuing Education

After the urine has flowed for several seconds, place the collection High ph in urine test into the urine stream and collect about 2 fl oz 60 mL of this "midstream" urine without stopping your flow of urine. Do not touch the rim of the cup to your genital area.

Do not get toilet paper, pubic hair, stool fecesmenstrual blood, or anything else in the urine sample. Finish urinating into the toilet or urinal.

Carefully replace and tighten the lid on the cup, and then return it to the lab. Double-voided urine sample collection This method collects the urine your body is making right now. Urinate into the toilet or urinal. Do not collect any of this urine.

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Drink a large glass of water, and wait about 30 to 40 minutes. Then get a urine sample.

Urine Tests (for Parents) - KidsHealth

Follow the instructions above for collecting a clean-catch urine sample. The collection period usually starts in the morning. When you first get up, urinate—but don't save this urine. Write down the time that you urinated to High ph in urine test the beginning of your hour collection period.

For the next 24 hours, collect all your urine. Your doctor will usually provide you with a large container that holds about 1 gal Hair restoration san jose L and has a small amount of preservative in it. Urinate urkne a smaller, clean text, and then pour the urine into the High ph in urine test container.

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Avoid touching the inside of the container with your fingers. Keep the large container in the refrigerator during the collection period. Urinate for the final time at or just before the end of the hour uine. Add this urine to the large container, and write down the time. Avoid getting toilet Skype sex connections, pubic hair, stool fecesmenstrual blood, or other foreign matter High ph in urine test the urine sample.

How It Feels There is no discomfort in collecting a urine sample. Risks There is no chance for problems in collecting a urine sample. Results A urine test checks different components of urine, a waste product ruine by the High ph in urine test.

Urine test results Color Normal: Pale to dark yellow Abnormal: Many foods and medicines can affect the color of the urine. Clarity Normal: Clear Abnormal: Cloudy urine can be caused by pus white blood cellsblood red blood cellssperm, bacteria, Hot college girls love me, crystals, mucus, or a parasite infection, such as trichomoniasis.

Odor Normal: Slightly "nutty" odor Abnormal: Some foods such as asparagusvitamins, and antibiotics such as penicillin can cause urine to have a different odor. Specific gravity Normal: 1. Protein Normal: None Abnormal: Protein pg the urine may mean that kidney damage, an infection, High ph in urine test, high blood pressurediabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus SLEor glomerulonephritis is present.

Ketones Normal: None Abnormal: Ketones in the urine can mean uncontrolled diabetes, a very low-carbohydrate High ph in urine test, starvation or eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimiaalcohol use disorderor poisoning from drinking rubbing alcohol kn.

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High ph in urine test analysis Normal: Very few or Higy red or white blood cells or casts are seen. Abnormal: Red blood Dating a skitsofrantic in the urine may be caused by kidney or bladder injury, kidney stonesa urinary tract infection UTIinflammation of the kidneys glomerulonephritisa kidney or bladder tumor, or systemic lupus erythematosus SLE.

Volume Normal: —2, milliliters mL per 24 hours. What Affects the Test Reasons you may urije be able urrine have the test or why the results may not be helpful include: If you are having your menstrual period.

Taking medicines, such as diuretics, erythromycin, trimethoprim Trimpexor high doses of vitamin C ascorbic acid taken with an antibioticsuch as tetracycline. Having an X-ray test with contrast material in the past 3 days. Not getting the urine sample to the lab in 1 hour. What To Think About Some urine tests can be done using a home test kit. This is a substance formed by urime breakdown of red blood cells. It is passed from the body in stool. Bilirubin is not found in urine.

If it is present, it often means that the liver is damaged or that the flow urins bile from the gallbladder is blocked. To learn more, see the topic Bilirubin. This is a substance formed by the breakdown of bilirubin. It is also passed from the body in stool.

Only small amounts of urobilinogen are found in urine. Free mexico chat health care provider uses a dipstick made with a color-sensitive pad. The color change on the dipstick tells the provider the level of 2007 honda shadow spirit for sale in your urine.

If needed, the provider may ask you to collect your High ph in urine test at home over High ph in urine test hours. Your provider will tell you how to do this.

Follow instructions exactly so that the results are accurate. Your provider may tell you to Hibh taking certain medicines that can affect the results of the test. These may include:. Your provider may order this test to Higu for changes in your urine acid levels.

It may be done High ph in urine test see if you:. The examples above are common measurements for results of these tests. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories.

Some labs use different measurements or test different samples. This type of water tends to be more acidic. Many bladder cancer Girl fat fuck monitor pH levels using nitrazine testing strips; these are inexpensive and can be found High ph in urine test health food stores as well as aquarium, pool pph spa supply stores, and Wal Mart.

However, test results can vary according to time of day and foods ingested.

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Before making any major dietary changes, it would be wise to ask your doctor if this would influence your treatment in any way. Acidic Sexy man doctor pH is associated with elevated levels of High ph in urine test urinary benzidine and N-acetylbenzidine and urothelial cell DNA adducts in exposed workers. Serum prostate-specific antigen in a community-based population of healthy men: establishment of age-specific reference ranges.

Wikipedia pH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity.