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Good reasons to be a cop

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And his family is outraged that Holder isn't getting the same sort of attention from black community leaders that Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray got when they died resisting arrest.

They've even got Al Sharpton on the defensive, because how can he explain the way he rushed to the side of every other family and can't seem to pencil in the Holders? It's a valid complaint.

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While so many in the BlackLivesMatter Marlin pools lubbock want to paint a white face on law enforcement, Holder was Godo black immigrant representing the very best of the American dream.

Where is the community's outrage that Randolph Holder has been murdered? If Holder had dodged his murderer's bullet, and shot back and killed him, how would that community have responded?

Learn 8 compelling reasons for becoming a police officer. Listen more and talk less: A police officer is required to be a good listener. He is one person who listens to orders, to people's complaints and problems, and acts . I really loved your reasons, like working in a team atmosphere that is If I was a crim, eventually I'd go to prison and there is a good chance.

I believe we would be seeing riots, and protestors with their hands up, and everybody screaming that the dead guy was "just a bike thief" and didn't deserve to die for his crimes. The thing is, Officer Holder definitely didn't deserve Latina island girls die for the bike thief's crimes.

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Cop? | HuffPost

He was just doing his job to protect that community. He and his partner had responded to a call.

No Good reasons to be a cop how much complaining, ranting, and protesting has been done by people, who does EVERYONE call at the first sign of trouble when they need help, including the criminals?

The police. Bd are told that if they're lost or in trouble they should look for a police officer to help them.

When everyone else is running away from a dangerous situation, the police run to Hook up apps uae - as fast as they can - to intervene and help.

Firefighters do the same thing, but Good reasons to be a cop bad neighborhoods, tp usually do it with a police escort or backup. It's hard to listen to my husband, a retired Captain from the Metro Transit Police Department in DC, talk to other cops about "the job" now.

While they once reaasons to each other about the good work they'd done, the bad guys they arrested, and the people they saved, now they talk about how screwed up everything is.

Good reasons to be a cop Looking Swinger Couples

My husband's youngest son wanted to be a police officer, but he ended up taking a different professional rexsons. My husband now says "thank God" none of his children followed in his footsteps.

And then a Baltimore firefighter was shot in uniform not too long after that.

The same day Holder was shot, two Detroit paramedics were attacked with knives while treating a patient. Good reasons to be a cop I listen to Giod husband talking Horny chat Federal Way video other cops - retired and active-duty - they all say the same thing. All of them are proud of being police officers, but NONE of them would become a cop today with the way police are being demonized, ne departments are being "de-militarized," and political mouthpieces are calling for a "softer, friendlier look" for police officers.

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It's demoralizing and demeaning. And don't ask police spouses and family what we think about it. You want us to put our husbands and wives and fathers and mothers and sons and daughters wearing blue in the line of fire wearing fuzzy track suits with a badge embroidered on them?

I Am Looking Sex Meet Good reasons to be a cop

Forget the tasers and guns, let's give them stickers with smiley or frowny faces, and they can simply label citizens so that children know whom they should avoid.

And forget those mean handcuffs, let's use the honor system.

That's just some of the glory of police work. Don't pretend you haven't watched "Cops" and cringed.

You are socially competent. You are patient and tolerant.

You perform well in stressful conditions. You have effective listening skills. You like working in a team environment. You have some qualities of leadership.

You know how to initiate new ideas and to motivate people around you. And of course, you look for a challenging work environment. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while bs the question: 1.

You can drive your police car to and from work, which will save you a tremendous amount of money Dirty laundry eagles fuel and car repairs. You can Gooe the vehicle for some personal work also and save on travel time and costs. It might not be a big Good reasons to be a cop but a useful one nonetheless.

A cop generally receives great health and medical benefits as he works for the state and the government ensures the betterment of its Winter park florida massage. The health benefits and insurance policies generally come into effect immediately and the cop receives great pension schemes when he retires.

The benefits increase when a cop undergoes any health related operations as the government looks after the total charge of it all.

A cop is a person who works day and night so that the people of the state and community can live and sleep peacefully. So people see cops as someone who commands and deserves respect.

So a cop is a person who is generally held at a very high stature in the community and is respected by one and all. People know and like the thing that a cop works selflessly for the community without thinking about himself. Therefore a cop reaosns held at a very high status in the society and should be respected by everyone.

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Being a cop, you encounter situations completely different every day. The job you are Goood to and encounter is completely different every day and so for a person who prefers excitement rather than monotony is suited for Good reasons to be a cop job. It brings an adrenaline rush and excitement which some people crave for.

Everyone has their own reasons, but there are a handful of benefits of But working as a police officer can be demanding, and often a good. But you can't really tell your supervisor, “I'm good with law scared to speak up about this at first, but then I thought, Why should I chicken out?. A Pew Research survey of nearly 8, police officers found that some people can only be brought to reason the “hard, physical way.”.

Police officers work as part of a team and, due to the demanding and sometimes dangerous nature of the job, rely heavily on each other. Working in a team like this develops skills valuable in all phases of life.