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straws make smiles but
plastic-free? the way to be!

meet in the middle

MAKE  |  100% copper

STORY  |  Who doesn't love straws?! I dreamed these up after I made the promise to stop bringing single-use plastic into our home. These straws are pretty much indestructible.

Drinking from copper is an ayurvedic practice said to balance the three doshas by ionizing the water. At a minimum, they'll look pretty and bring some fun back to your drinks.

Try using them with just a glass of water. We've found the joy of drinking through a straw to enable us to drink more water.

CREATOR  |  These straws are made by Sarah (the founder) herself! Read more about Sarah here.

10"W x 12"H with drawstring closed
wash with a straw cleaning brush - available at most grocery stores