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awake for our sun
streams of yellow rays dancing
dewy morning love

daily moisturizer for all skin types

INGREDIENTS  |  *jojoba infused with †calendula, *shavegrass, †holy basil, †lemongrass, †olive leaf & *red clover, *rosehip oil, *meadowform seed oil, *sea buckthorn oil, *pumpkin seed oil

ABOUT  |  This serum works in beautiful harmony with Night Watch Serum. Sunrise absorbs quickly into the skin and gives you a dewy glow. It's an excellent base under makeup, but you may find it gives you enough radiance you'll want to be out the door with nothing but this.

This serum is incredibly unique because we went to the effort for you of locally sourcing calendula, shavegrass, holy basil, lemongrass, olive leaf & red clover to infuse. Fresh plants hold the most medicinal power and are much gentler on the skin than the plants respective essential oils.

RITUAL  |  After cleansing & toning, roll onto fingers or face. Massage into face for 1–5 minutes. Okay, now you're glowing! You can follow with makeup if you wish.

HINTS  |  Did you know oil based products actually work better for moisturizing than creams? What is doing the moisturizing in the cream is usually an oil, sometimes a wax, and the rest is essentially filler. Oils are healthiest and work the best!

delivered in clear glass bottle with stainless steel roller & 100% recycled packaging

*Certified Organic

Organically grown on a local Californian farm, no federal certification but grown using organic practices Salinity has verified

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