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a waft of a memory
warm scents of spice and flowers
california coast

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS  |  blue cornflowers, chrysanthemum flowers, linden flowers, sage, rose hips, star anise, cloves

STORY  |  This is the ultimate luxurious self care ritual. The scents in this facial steam blend are particularly suited to the golden days when summer light fades into falling leaves. I made this from a memory so sweet I wanted to bottle it up and share it with the world. Imagine having just left an oceanside natural hot springs where you had soaked until your soul felt whole, then wrapped up in a blanket with a thermos of chai, walking along the beach. This is the steam of the hot springs, the scent of the chai, the warmth of the blanket and the opening scent the wild fennel flowers peaking out from the beach grass.

Steaming the face clears pores of excess oil, dirt & bacteria. It stimulates the flow of oxygen, blood circulation and detoxification. It's the feeling of sitting in a natural hot springs and letting the steamy water waft up over every curve of your body. It opens your skin up to receive nourishment.

This test tube contains enough herbs & flowers for approximately 5 facial steams.**

RITUAL  |  Add 1-3 teaspoons to a pot of boiling water. Remove from stovetop. Place towel over head in a tent form. Breath deeply for 5-10 minutes. Remove & follow with toner & moisturizer.

HINT  |  Also great when you've been hit with allergies!

delivered in sturdy test tube & 100% recycled packaging

*organic (all ingredients are organic except the minerals because the US currently does not have any organic certification for minerals but minerals are responsibly sourced)

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