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verdurous life green
the ancient daily ritual
tea for you and me

INGREDIENTS  |  100% raw, organic matcha

70 servings

STORY  |  This matcha is bright verdant green. How it should be - fresh, raw and organic. The tea leaves are specially selected tencha leaves that are de-stemmed and finely ground for a longer period than regular matcha to allow for super soluble and superior tasting matcha. It easily mixes into hot or cold water, no whisk required.

With matcha, you are actually ingesting the tea leaves as opposed to steeping and discarding them so it's important to choose organic. Because you're consuming the plant itself, it's also a daily dose of chlorophyll which keeps us glowing with health!

MAKER  |  Our matcha comes from Matcha Ninja, a Canadian company dedicated to producing the finest quality matcha.

70 grams