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day is done, night come
tuck into the mystical
shine with the moonlight

nightly moisturizer for all skin types

INGREDIENTS  |  *jojoba infused with †lavender and †passionflower, *evening primrose infused with †ashwagandha and †chamomile, *argan oil, *borage seed oil, *hazelnut oil, *kukui nut oil, *blue tansy, *german chamomile oil, *yarrow oil

STORY  |  I came up with this idea late at night, floating on my sailboat thinking about how it troubles me that we have made skincare such a complex process, when it could be much simpler. This oil is good for almost all skin types and perfect for before bed time. You can trust Night Watch to restore you skin while you dream big dreams. Azulene, the component in the blue tansy, german chamomile and blue yarrow, takes away the puffiness of the day and zaps bacteria naturally. Jojoba easily absorbs into the skin and evening primrose helps regulate hormonal changes.

This serum is incredibly unique because we went to the effort for you of locally sourcing lavender, passionflower, chamomile and ashwandaga to infuse. Fresh plants hold the most medicinal power and are much gentler on the skin than the plants respective essential oils.

RITUAL  |  After cleansing & toning, roll onto fingers or face. Massage into face for 1–5 minutes. Sweet dreams!

delivered in clear glass bottle with stainless steel roller & 100% recycled packaging

*certified organic

†organically grown on a local Californian farm, no federal certification but still organic

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