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you are energy
threshold point of earth and sky
elixir of life

daily toner for dry to balanced skin

INGREDIENTS  |  *tulsi basil hydrosol, *rose geranium hydrosol, *lemon balm hydrosol, *white rose hydrosol

STORY  |  Toners are what made me fall in love with caring for my skin. The mist of the plants caressing my face transports me into a state of pure bliss.

From a functional perspective, this toner will hydrate the water element of your skin and enable your skin to absorb more moisturizer.

Tulsi basil is the primary ingredient in this bottle. It is the most sacred plant of India and has a delectable scent holding equal notes of sweet & spicy. Rose geranium is an adaptogenic herb meaning that no matter where you are, it brings you towards your ideal state of balance. Lemon balm recalls memories of the mountain ranges in the south of Spain. It's known to soothe our skin and nervous system.

RITUAL  |  Shake gently before using. Spritz liberally over face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing. You can keep this in your bag and use it throughout the day to freshen up and keep your skin hydrated.

delivered in protective amber glass bottles

*certified organic