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cleanse and purify
dark at night for morning bright
to luminescence

INGREDIENTS  |  bentonite clay, activated charcoal from coconut shells*, fuller's earth clay, burdock root*, rosehip seed powder*, rosemary oil*

STORY  |  This is the masque to choose when you need to clean up your skin. The bentonite clay effectively pulls toxins out from deep within the skin, clearing up blackheads and excess oil. The activated charcoal magnetizes to skin and wipes out bacteria, enabling your skin to heal itself. Burdock root calms and rosehip powder provides a high dosage of vitamin C to encourage speedy regeneration of healthy, new skin cells.

RITUAL  |  Sprinkle a dime-size amount of cleansing powder onto the palm of your hand or into a small bowl. Add a few drops of warm water to create a spreadable mud. Gently press onto entire face, press and massage over your whole face for 2-5 minutes. Rinse clean with warm water and a linen cloth or kojnac sponge.

HINT  |  You can replace the water with aloe vera, a hyrdosol of your choice, one of our toners or add a few drops of honey to the water to supercharge this mask based on your needs of the day.

delivered in reusable glass test tubes with natural cork stopper

*certified organic

†organically grown/harvested on a local Californian farm/ocean, no federal certification but still organic

‡sustainably harvested & non-certified organic - the US does not provide any organic certification for minerals at this time

11 g / 0.4 oz

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