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clean but not squeaky
activated clay of the earth
daily luxury

daily cleanser for balanced to oilier skin

INGREDIENTS  |  ‡white hallyosite clay, ‡red rhassoul clay, *oats, †pacific sea salt, *marshmallow root, *rosehip fruit, *calendula flower, *vietnamese cinnamon, *nutmeg, *cloves, *turmeric, *ginger, *vanilla bean, *raw cocoa

STORY  |  Clarify & Cleanse deeply cleans with 100% naturally active ingredients while feeding our skin with healthy botanicals and minerals.

I designed this cleanser for daily use. The clays in this formulation are what will give you that fresh, clean feeling. Clays have a natural positive charge, so they bond with negatively charged toxins your skin picks up during the day and remove them.

The sea salt I harvest from the cleanest water of Northern California myself is laden with nurturing minerals that give skin regenerating powers of the ocean.

The organic spices not only make this potion smell delectable, they also gently warm & relax the deepest layers of your skin. Rosehip powder is included to give you a dose of 100% natural vitamin c, which boosts collagen production, firming your skin and helping protect from UV damage which prevents aging.

RITUAL  |  Sprinkle a dime-size amount of cleansing powder onto the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of warm water, or a few spritzes of Clarify & Hydrate, to make a spreadable mud. Gently press onto entire face, press and roll your fingertips in circles, gently massaging your face for 2-5 minutes. Rinse clean with warm water & a sea sponge

HINT  |  In the evening, I like to put this on just before I get in a steamy bath or shower.  ♥ Sarah

*certified organic

†organically grown/harvested on a local Californian farm/ocean, no federal certification but still organic

‡sustainably harvested & non-certified organic - the US does not provide any organic certification for minerals at this time

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