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comb silken fibers
one hundred strokes good night 
gleaming moonlight bright

MAKE  |  ebony wood and pig hair 

STORY  |  This brush is intended for most all hair types. The fibers are a special grade of black pig hair which are stiff enough to comb beautifully through hair. If you've ever read in old books about women brushing their hair 100 strokes nightly, tried it and felt no benefit, it's because people use to use natural fiber brushes like this one! This sort of brush can pick up the healthy natural oils at the top of your head and distribute them evenly over the rest of your hair, even reducing your need for shampoo and conditioner. 

CREATOR  |  Crafted by Edoya, a handmade brush company located in Japan since 1718, these brushes are the finest quality imaginable. Meant to last lifetimes, these brushes are crafted one-by-one with great care. Made of only wood, plant fibers and gently trimmed animal hair, these brushes are the epitome of sustainable and beautiful self care.

handmade in Japan