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daily collection for combo/oily skin

STORY  |  Save $30 by bundling everything you need to care for your skin the natural way. This collection includes full size glass bottles of Clarify & Cleanse, Clarifying Gardenia Mist, Sunrise, Night Watch & one sustainably harvested sea sponge.

KIT CONTENTS    1 bottle of Clarify & Cleanse (80 g) & 1 bottle of Clarifying Gardenia Mist (118 mL), 1 bottle of Sunrise (9 mL), 1 bottle of Night Watch (9 mL) & one sustainably harvested sea sponge.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS  |  (CLEANSE) white hallyosite clay, red rhassoul clay, *oats, pacific sea salt, *marshmallow root, *rosehip fruit, *calendula flower, *vietnamese cinnamon, *nutmeg, *cloves, *turmeric, *ginger, *vanilla bean, *raw cocoa (HYDRATE) *witch hazel water, *everlasting flower hydrosol, *vegetable glycerine, *ylang ylang essential oil, *gardenia absolute (SUNRISE) *jojoba infused with †calendula, *shavegrass, †holy basil, †lemongrass, †olive leaf & *red clover, *rosehip oil, *meadowform seed oil, *sea buckthorn oil, *pumpkin seed oil (NIGHT WATCH) *jojoba infused with †lavender, †passionflower and †chamomile, *evening primrose infused with †ashwagandha and †chamomile, *argan oil, *borage seed oil, *hazelnut oil, *kukui nut oil, *blue tansy, *german chamomile oil, *yarrow oil (SEA SPONGE) one soft & durable sponge

RITUAL  |  (CLEANSE) Sprinkle a dime-size amount of Clarify & Cleanse powder onto the palm of your hand. Activate with a few drops of warm water, or a few spritzes of Clarifying Gardenia Mist, to make a spreadable mud. Gently press onto entire face. Press and roll your fingertips in circles, gently massaging your face for 1-5 minutes. Rinse clean with warm water and an organic sea sponge.  (HYDRATE) Spritz liberally over face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing. (SUNRISE) After cleansing & toning in the morning, roll onto fingers or face. Massage into face for 1–5 minutes. Glow forth! (NIGHT WATCH) After cleansing & toning in the evening, roll onto fingers or face. Massage into face for 1–5 minutes. Sweet dreams!

delivered in glass bottles and 100% recyclable packaging

*organic (all ingredients are organic except the minerals because the US currently does not have any organic certification for minerals but minerals are responsibly sourced)

†organically grown on a local Californian farm, no federal certification but grown using organic practices

‡sustainably harvested & non-certified organic - the US does not provide any organic certification for minerals at this time

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