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breathe into beauty 
softest touch of the ocean
are you earth or sea?

INGREDIENTS  |  one sustainably harvested organic sea sponge with a hand-sewn cotton hanging loop

STORY  |  This sea sponge comes from the Aegean Sea of Greece. They are sustainably harvested, in a manner similar to pruning a basil plant. Where a piece is picked, even more new growth flourishes.

These sea sponges do not retain odors or get mildewy thanks to a natural enzyme. They are 100% biodegradable so when you're done with yours, you toss it in the compost bin.

RITUAL  |  Use this oh-so-soft sponge to remove cleanser/makeup and gently massage your face.

HINT  |  I have never felt a sponge this soft before. I like to heat water up with my tea kettle until it is comfortingly warm, pour it over the sponge & then cleanse my face.   ♥ Sarah Denae

Please note that these are straight from nature so each sea sponge will be unique in shape and coloring.