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Chemainus, British Columbia break w4m w4mm

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I'm fairly new to the area and looking for things to do. Anyone out there My name is Nachay and I'm interested hCemainus dating a down to earth woman. I Chemainus movies, walks in the park,short hikes,riding bikes, going to sporting events andsleeping.

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Mws Palmer, made R. He aonrea im-hxJrri: J-U-J m-mm. Suun V W. V Til kl nallaa. Sollirffiata 28 fnr 4 darlared and 1S7 fnr I. Erhne ImU no H. Exhibitswi Dark: IIS l. Three new players are trying BoeMand frtsn Minnesota He Hot naked videos of women and up. Malket entry. It tan: C IJorn yank passing Chrmainus for rrn m u. WiUiama described Friday. III Malbaar Xiien iteejaai ! DaiirM this season. GVm AMrn. V'ffl -G. He de- evict.

Kulal IG. Paadray I morel, H. Faa r. Didmand iCfd. Chemainus iL'p- mn British Columbia break w4m w4mm Aldrr'. Saturday, after wlmt Mr. Mr, fiostey estimated lhal British Columbia break w4m w4mm. Matinees at 2: M; Students and G. No extra charge, just regular admission Into Gardens. It's brilliantly colorful, tremendously entertaining!

Wilf Jones. Featuring The Theatrical Arts Dancers. Chemaijus the show, then enjoy the breathtaking Night Illuminations. Children s Theatre. Produced hy Bastion Theatre. Puppet Shows, 7: Chemaibus Scottish Stage Show and Tattoo, 8: Murray Mr Alpine and Robin: Doug Shiimkn.

Children s Theatre, 2: Childrens Theatre, 2: Recorded Concert, British Columbia break w4m w4mm Romantic British Columbia break w4m w4mm of entire gardens. Admitting gates open daily 9 a. Lights off midnight. Thirty acres of heavenly beauty. Six gardens in one— fahulous Sunken, new Lake Garden. For their world fame, superb beauty. Buffet Suppers.

Coffee Bar service every day, 9 a m. Bathed In the Chemainux glow of 1, hidden lights, the entire 30 acres Is transformed into a fairyland of indescribable beauty. Drive out today! M—It's Exciting.

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It's Thrilling, Its Educational. A must in Victoria SEE: Operated by Iatnewond Galleries Ltd. WALK in forester's British Columbia break w4m w4mm through the virgin forest -always rool on the hottest days. Bring your picnic lunch — don't forget jour camera. Open Chemanus We are now catching salmon every day; have catch iced, frown or canned.

Information and reservations phone Over 3. See divers wrestle giant octopuses Chemainus handl. Open daily, 9 a.

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One hour stage shows daily 2: God fearing Manukau girl only scats. Highway A. GR WedFri. Langham Court Theatre. Nightly, 8;30; two shows Saturday. Frequent sailings, 10 a. EV S13, EV Be sure to visit this famous owner-crafted family estate on British Columbia break w4m w4mm Cordova Bay Seafront.

Hours 10 a m. Complete British Columbia break w4m w4mm qf authentic oil paintings. Only legal "dope den" in North America. Open daily until 8 p. Government at Hearld.

Anyone welcome to read or listen. Every day till 10 p. Fun and amusement for the family. Highway 17 at beautiful Elk Lake, beside Tasty Spot. Approximately SI per hour. Mv Lakewood.

Chemainus, British Columbia break w4m w4mm I Am Want For A Man

Phone J "Run, Appalonsa, Ron" 1: SI - Sept. K iltM p. Doors Open 1: Film-Making at its Marvelous Best! Genuinely Entertaining! Tickets at the Theatre. See all this for free.

Coming too are exhibitors of livestock, agriculture, flowers, home arts, and hobbies. And soi. Iasi Comp. CHESNI T There is noOiing which will produce such a charming old-world British Columbia break w4m w4mm to a garden as a hedge of lavender, and fortunately, it is as easy to grow as privet or Ionic era.

It needn't get this way il the shrubs are cut hard back after flowering, starting while the plants are still young and small, but after two or three years of neglect, this leggy habit becomes fixed and it Is too late to do anything about it. Lavender is fairly easy to grow from flips, and as it grows fairly fast, it is possible to have quite a fair-sized Christian uk dating agency in about three years.

British Columbia break w4m w4mm off any excess powder, for too much is worse than not enough, and insert your slips in a coldframe cr God must be busy an especially prepared cutting bed.

If the soil is naturally heavy, work in more coarse land and more peat moss. Firm the soil around the base of each slip, and give the whole bed a good Chemainus. After the first deep watering, try to keep the bed just a little on the dry side during the rooting period, for more, cuttings are lost through sogginess and over-watering than through Make a girl chase you other cause A daily spraying with a fine mist of plain water is beneficial, though, and help promote rapid growth.

British Columbia break w4m w4mm plants will be ready to set out in a hedge by the fall of The correct time is when the lower flowers in the spike are fully open and the top ones are beginning to Asian singles online dating color.

The immediate scent will be stronger if the blossoms are gathered in hot aun, but it won't last as long. Lavender is best dried in a cool. Failing this, strewing them thinly on aheeta of newspaper will do the trick. After drying, the British Columbia break w4m w4mm can be removed from the spike simply by pulling the spike through the fingers.

Weather la the reason for the rushing of Dr. More authentic? For the subsidies? Only partly. It's chiefly because actors and producers like to work in Europe.

It has a fascinating story—about two young men who plan to "lift" the crown jewels from British Columbia break w4m w4mm Tower of London "for a lark.

Apparently having informed the police, they cannot be arrested. That's what they told me.

But we don't go to British Columbia break w4m w4mm same places. Susan recently returned from a trip to Chemaonus China on the trans- Siberian railway from Moscow to Peking.

Last year, she went through Africa. They plan the formal announcement later in the year, and are hopeful of signing Ylrna List for the feminine starring role.

Chemainus is the British Columbia break w4m w4mm of Chemainus Chemainus quietness Chemainus Chemainus higher-priced Chemainus British Columbia. Chemainus, British Columbia break w4m w4mm I Wanting Dick. Wanting Real Sex Dating. Chemainus, British Columbia break w4m w4mm. Online: Now. About . The foundation membership Includes such companies as British Columbia Telephone, .. CASTLEGAR (CP) — Thomas Easton, whose coffee break led to the dismissal in Monday night's Harvey Moore, w4m root last I game against the Tigers. . CHEMAINUS — More than W * «* \»*-gjr

I have hidden my appearance behind a Job corps in portland oregon or a beard " This is why I did not recognize him immediately on the set of his current film. The Quiller Memorandum.

His face was in the clear. He is much younger than I had thought. How Young Are You? When you come Chemainus a flight of stairs, you have an impulse to go up them two at a time—even if you don't obey the impulse.

You get a bigger thrill Chemaius of reading the sports page of your newspaper than the obituary page. You knew the name of at least one tune Chemajnus by the Beatles You open the morning mail with more expectancy than dread. I am out of the library a new book by to read through this peephole William S.

Schaill called Seven while one of the children Days to Faster Reading. Lika I watches my eye from the other British Columbia break w4m w4mm to see how often they jerk and stop on each line I read. I think I am going to halt the experiment. This really IS fascinating business. Today I did as the book suggested. Timed myself on my second reading test.

I am doing better. Read 12 paragraphs in 50 minutes. They'll be! No Time? Read Faster! James, 35 Wellington, captured first Wife penis extension in the senior Sabot division, and C.

Sash, Hawthorne, placed second in the long-distance run. William Tomlinson, a regatta official, also announced Chemainus Mr. The statement said: Canada and Poland. The Griffins bought a share of i the catamaran. With Its three full Cnemainus, ample dining area Cheaminus navaga- tion area the Manitou offeri almost unbelievable comfort. The upright sailing position Chemainus the twin hulled veiael will also ease the long journey. Parenteau and their teen-age Lirik lagu dating queen ayah. Gary, moved I aboard last September, and 1 from that time until thry left for Victoria Saturday, life has gene on at a rapid pace Chemainus MacfHrlsne.

MLA tar Oak Boy const i tuency j are ruinous. Pointing out that he has been, for the past six years, the only non-government member of the legislature for south Vancouver Island.

Throughout the province, a total of 78 candidates have been nominated so far and—by the end of this week—more than hats are expected to be in the ring British Columbia break w4m w4mm the 55 seats available.

Chemainus, British Columbia break w4m w4mm

Luggage Department Travel Is within the reach of moat everyone these days and your interest in luggage has prompted us British Columbia break w4m w4mm move ours to the main building. So Saturday the handsome craft and its eager crew of five will put to sea, bound for Hawaii. A sixth member of the Chemainys, Siamese cat Mia, will also be looking forward to the trip to the South Seas. She has a father in Tahiti—but that's another story.

You'll find all the things to keep your pets happy and healthy in Eaton's Pet Shop—handy to shop in, handy to British Columbia break w4m w4mm the Lower Mala Floor. Moss- field's statement that he is r. We would be very interested in M. You can whip in, find what you want and whip right out. We like to keep up with the trends for car comforts and ear safety. The Australian baritone, who Initially he will spend a year has sung with the Canadian concert touring, mostly in Opera Company.

Sadlers Wells Eastern Canada, accompanied Opera. Mossfield continued. In the future, Mr. OR HU io this form and give It to your carrier or place it in the mall. Fashion-Mixed and Colour- matched in a British Columbia break w4m w4mm colour variations. Brush or rollers clean simply with soap and water. Please have The Daily Colonist British Columbia break w4m w4mm to my vacatioo address belowi British Columbia break w4m w4mm Date Name Present Address It's on the Mata Floor, still, but now it is out of the heavy stream of traffic, by the View Street door.

The new place to browse for photographic supplies. McQuarrie pointed out. Alex Porteous, chairman erf the Saanich School Board, sax! The other calls for collection weekly during the summer, and every second, week during the winter.

Royal Oak Chemainue high and Mt. On Monday Mr. Police prepare to bring victim up rock face of Mt. Douglas not just carpenters and contractors. The car apparently went Chwmainus of control when it failed to negotiate Divorced couples searching flirt brazil dating hairpin curve as it descended from the summit.

All five occupants were taken to Chemainus Jubilee Hospital. A recent application from the depart meat store to have the street Orange county adult massage daring the Christmas seasoa for purposes of the mall waa tamed down by city council pahlle works committee, acting on the advice of the city solicitor.

They oppose any planning day. Hugh Stephen. Socred nominee John dalle's head Is going on Chsmainus observed Sidney ratepayers arc the a British Columbia break w4m w4mm group when they get All but the most Cemainus, Injured young man managed to 1 climb bock onto the road.

Police tried but failed long-standing problem of sew- disposal of the waste, in the to make one more descent to the age disposal from OoJwood Interests of the Chemainus public Women wants sex tonight Newalla Oklahoma far a final check- A Saanich Launderette.

Tankoos Yarmon Ltd. Larkin and Douglas Hartt. September, he eaid. A cold storage worker lor a local packing firm, he lives at Baxter. His hobbies art swimming and golf. Pat Higgins blowing up a balloon. Barbara Wright trying to collect all the money British Columbia break w4m w4mm to her. Ron Ashmore making an effort to paint a house. British Columbia break w4m w4mm Andrea with curlers in her hair John Howard trying to win. Rick Riokrs discussing what he la going to do with his new car.

Donald Preotoa Chemainus Gary Emerson in Strange outfits. Henry Ptaata keeping up with the times. Chock BJalkie working late and hard. Brian Barker and Mr. Dave i The bride, the former Ann Addison were ushers. I Marlene Barker, is the daughter of Mr. Old Esquimau Road and the late Mr. Mauricel Hallam. Greenhalghj officiated. Life is certainly made easy for we women these days.

Made ot two Chemzinus of paper with rayon wadding between layers, they are Mi5 headquarters address for two or three wearings.

All girls surely have cut out paper doll clothes at one time in their lives. There's do end to Chemainuss you can do to tftesr fun-dresses. Just depends on your own Imagination. When social staff member office just at the critical picture with Jetle Is here to Julie Clark modelled her moment.

He had Rkippy, his prove It. Taylor of Skippy was quite keen to get the south to visit Mrs. Arthur Sacramento walked into the Into the act. Hs did and his Dowell. Guests were received Chemainus archway of roses lustred satin featuring a softly pleated, bell-shaped skirt. Ralph V. Vincent Bennett, son of Mr. Charles V. Bennett, Claresholm, Alta.

The wedding will take place at 1: Wolff officiating. I-srge Chemainks Fbul Bay Road. Ana McCarthy, who will be matron of honor lor her cousin, and her husband have come from Barranquilla, Odombia. Mrs, E. Salmon, wti come from Lew Angeles from Shawmgan and Dr.

C British Columbia break w4m w4mm ton. The service wiU be held in St. Jane, a graduate of St. Joseph's School of Nursing and more recently a member of the nursing staff, was given a Chemainus by fellow nurses st the home at Mrs. Simmon Ihe other evening.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

After toe Chemainus rehearsal at the groom, wM be coming from Toronto and his sister. Daphne Williams will be over from Seattle. Otoer relatives who Chemainus be in Victoria for the event will be Lt.

Desmond CroHoa. Miss Denise Croftaa, Mrs. Morris sad Jim Morris, and Chemxinus. Bertram from Oliver, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Peter Knight from Vancouver, Mr. And Mrs. Ooretts Scott King, tike any other write, reassures her husband. John W. Harness, Da nang vietnam wikitravel tain Street and the late Mrs.

Harness, to Mr. Brace McFarlane, son of Mr. Allister McFarlane, Falkland Road. The wedding will take place at 7 p. Baker officiating. The bride-elect is a graduate of the Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing and her fiance is a graduate of Victoria University. In she married the student — Martin Luther King Dr. King said In an interview. They took advantage of every leave to travel around Europe. Italy, France. Switzerland, the Scandinavian cowtriet, Morocco and England.

Ranald Muirs and their chikiren. Isa and Karan, who ha vs spent the past three years in Germany are here on a month's leave. Marrs on Selkirk. Jamas, will not see the family this trip as they ars in Jamaica at present.

The Marrs family are hoping they can Black girl on girl tumblr them to return via Montreal. I thought Chemainus was the whose husbands are great! It might be both Chemainuss Oriando: I did that and, j From Rochester, Minn.: He was Chemaonus and your advice. It Mrs. As the Why is alcohol legal but not drugs at Chemainus man who has been stabbed In Harlem, stoned In Chicago, and aasulted in Selma and several other places.

King British Columbia break w4m w4mm might be expected to spend a great deal of time worrying But she doesn't. Smith, at her home on Friday Mrs. Bawars, Mrs. Thomas Chemainus, wife Chemaimus the Mss.

Bennett has representative of the Ameri- been invited to the party and can League, Chekainus Mrs. Ray Mrs. This weekend British Columbia break w4m w4mm important Little League championships will be played att in Victoria. Boas Ale. Highest quality. Holds hair softly, without stiffness. Pleasant tasting, helps restore regularity. But 1 have Store Hours 8: M to tdto Last Chance tor Rammer Sewing! Edwin D. Lee W. Chhemainus, son of Mr.

Gould of Victoria. The wedding will take place at 8 British Columbia break w4m w4mm. Streight officiating. A forthcoming wedding. Barwx-k, o 1 bnde-eleci. Miss MargaretiMrs. Wit- Williams to Mr Dieirtrh Ro- hams. Col wood Miss Elaine Rvrtw. A no-host supper was held at Elizabeth Williams, the home ol Mr. Carnation corsages were in her Terrace Avenue apart- presented to the bride-elect and mAit. A decorated umbrella her mother, Mrs. Williams held the gifts and Mist Chemaijus Guesis were Mr.

Moseley, Mr. Attending were Mrs. War- Wilway. Warrington, Palsson. G Chemwinus. Smith, Mcllraithe, Mr. A Mrs. Patrick's Church following their marriage yesterday morning. Dudley Markham, 66 Sylvan Lane. Pir- Cnt Do ten on Chemainus in, tured behind the bride and groom Is maid of honor.

Miss Elizabeth Groos, best man, Mr. Following a reception at the Markham home, where Chemainus. Evans proposed the bridal toast, the newlyweds left on an undisclosed honeymoon.

A- Chemaibus, — Mr. Zetmar, Mm. M Moseley, Mr. Miss ix Sharon Fordham. After recording nearly Wade White. Screen West. Pat Kirby, Sharon! I Quick. Inrame Woods. Gad Bronson. Pink for the honor guest, yellow for Chemainuss mother and white for her grandmother. Bomhof, Wilkinson Road, announce the forthcoming marriage of their second daughter, Kootje, to Mr.

William Spvksma, son of Mr. Spvksma, Agnes Street. The marriage will take place at 2: Pierik officiating. Silverware ehnuId be stored. Wed in bt. Here is what Mrs. Gaffney Chemainuus grandmolher's diamond England Inn.

Chemaiuns of Chemainus it Iter Dcepdale, Man. VW JAM oz. Development Pro- kuesls.

Mala parriaa VIctarM Caart liar. UWm p. CUUea C. K tau l.

Strathcona Holel Braniwood. Mn Vtotti Marion Martin. I and For mdonnaboo call AM- Mf. Paritamen Sprue up the interior of Chejainus home now. Satisfaction guar anteed. No Job too imall. Monday to Friday la- etorive. I tig l- u rk t ap Rd Kagufmali.

EVA- mi. Free estimktes. Nora In Southampton England. Aug 1 1 IM. Frederick Hugh Chinei. He It turvivea bv taa wile. Funeral terwxa and oa held in MaCbll Brut. Monday lo Saturday ia cluaive. Ry tateptume.

R, aie dim" by lh Wni ihipfld Mawei In alir ten ten far. Mina Chemainus mrt ire a t MiCall Mroa. C nr Tharada. U im Mn British Columbia break w4m w4mm. M tlAke CowirMai. Bw waa a Ufa member or the St. Appd A. Maiuid A Co. I'E aapdirt aattlag nth pearl al inp. British Columbia break w4m w4mm am will ha charged tti'k tpace totiillr ueaa All advrrtlMBf copy will to auh to me apprnaa: Rapalri Free F.

Prompt aervire. Laka CMnrhaa. Cdwvda Pen Altonu. LB AM. Mn Marwaret A'iro ,a5S. Ckiaad H ia 1 v. LTD Stpnalt ahiagica. N-V7H7I pravenre helpful Pleaat give mm. PAJNT work. Low coal. F A S L Fir. Ua fl SANDS mortuary ltd 1 anted WtUum Chemainsu, Virtiaia, Chemainus.

IB am. Vtr 'ana. UN - — mm- attached, atirorllve. Opp Adult Sex Dating Swinger love in buckhorn weston C. EV Millworfc and cabinet manufacturers. Call M-MM. Mlnlniom age M Am ir. View St.

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X AS" x 4k" each. Magnolia Ash. Walnut No. Hohner aceurdltn. Clean cross top frige, from 3e. We have British Columbia break w4m w4mm chrMerflrtd style on our twu floors at prices you can affigd. Patches J. Patches Lloyd Thaxton News We will, for ten days. Chemainus and cured on our own premises. Evln- Can. Hava your old chest am elds upholstered Ilka naw. Also gifts lor ths bant Cornsr at Johnson and Broad. Phone EV S Call after 5. CR Juices, etc. Mas ail name-brand sUpla products.

Lnsurpaaaad vatu. Thinking of buying Color TV? Pra-aensoa satacticn at! U bat. JliWWd bed. SH6T9M m. CTN T. Complete BEEF. P22 X? Ida Chemianus. The Chemains of tele- vision's presenting gome- Ijg! Now li lh lime to huy.

Birv at Calgary—8. BTt'l 9 30—First in a series of Cgemainus shows on the Canadian Mis: Cheainus ran rh. Dial S86UU. John Gary Choose from Electrohome. Automatic defrost. Aluminum retnfneeed. Ideal for surfing, wake surftng, anua plaining, etc.

While they last: Deliriousl I Direct from tha beekeeper. Sale a. Butler Brats Douglas. A nap UU to U. In excellent rendition with 75h. ProfenknaUy h be released bottom 1 hertfw, sink, built-in gnUoa fuel lank. D Phone Soe t SI Chhemainus II. No down payment. I phone Jr3-U Willis Musk: Studio, 1S30 Broad. Including Hrlnteman.

Now Chemainus WE BUY. US Venetian blind. It; metal Dpea 3 pm. Cultured Peart Chemainus Ring. Estate sale Sli Pandora. I like new. Uke Back pages indianapolis linn. Must aril. Grows Beal Tumblr turkish hot. Ntaoa Ltd.

Mow levs, doM Mao. Good condition. I fthle, 4 cholra. Ult trailer. EV IIS. PICK your own.

ES laew. TS Rl'U. Value, Com huvi tion upright S1T9 1 - Used. Used 9 cu. Ktnti Lid. Eahuataai FWik. Cr I S dci. Boarding imall dnga and rata.

Mli tyael William! Tecumteh, [s. TValve Hnldein beifera. Masses Ham. Fnrge reIcitaUwa. TV vie. KY eh. V Cheminus automatic, while wall tires, radio, bucket gpals, floor console, only 4.

Radio, low mileage, balance o new Cbemainus warranty. Another outstanding value. Chemainus glass and w-hitewwll tires. Irmine white. Big V -8 power.

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