We Are Meant To Be Organic, Fluid & Free


Hello! Thanks for reading my first blog post.

Salinity is a creation of collaboration, love, beauty, science and hard work. Salinity started when I realized that our skin absorbs everything we touch. This freaked me out a bit and I started to take a look at the thing I was rubbing on my face every day.

Pthalates… Propylene glycol… I had no idea what those things were but I was intentionally putting them on myself daily in the name of health & beauty.

That didn’t seem like a good idea.

I created a rule for myself that if I didn’t want it in me, I wouldn’t put it on me. This led to years of DIY and an obsession with ingredients.

I remember a time, probably about 8 years ago, when I had bad acne on my neck, looking in the mirror and saying I would do anything, pay anything, try anything to get clear skin again. What it took was cleaning up my skin routine.

Switching to natural products from toxic products requires that our skin go through a detoxing. Like any detox, sometimes we see the bad come out before reaping the long-term goods. I definitely did, which is why I made the sample sizes large enough to last a couple weeks. Ultimately, this is no big deal because you get truly pure and clean skin for ever after.

Creating Salinity had allowed a freedom for me that I have not known before. It is empowering to know that I am feeding my skin the very best and that others too are benefiting. This freedom allows me to move fluidly through my life, focusing on the things that matter more, like love & adventures.

We are meant to move through this world with ease and grace but sometimes we let ourselves be wrapped up in thing that don’t serve us. I hope that Salinity can make it easier for you to choose skincare that is the most nourishing for you. Surely you too have more important things like love and adventure to pursue!

You are the only you there ever will be and you deserve to treat yourself! Move in life beautifully.

With Love,

Sarah Denae