Salt of The Earth N°5

I have retreated into the lair of the creator. It is hard work. It is worth it. For years (6??!) I have felt that I have been stumbling through life. Trying everything. Anything. I've been searching for clarity. I've been searching for my raison d'être everywhere. In the process, I lost all fear associated with trying new things. I laughed and cried a lot. I wandered through dozens of countries. I raised $1 million to start a bank. I gave it back and decided not to open a bank. I moved onto a sailboat. I started a successful skincare line. I felt lost. I had dozens of IDEAS. I chased them all. I buried deep inside myself, cutting myself off from all that was not necessary.

I didn't realize, perhaps, I was not supposed to have clarity all of those years. Until I was through them. I am through them now. I have the clarity. Along my six year confusing path of trial and error, I the gained skills and knowledge to bring my mission to life. It's all clear now.

I am making something to share with the world that is so near and dear to my essence it feels WORTH IT. This process has caused me to be a bit distant lately, both on the interwebs and with the people around me. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, here are a few things feeding my creative energy right now.

  • This EP co-produced by Oman Souleyman & Bjork is pure transportive magic.
  • This sustainable fashion article clarifying the who's who of ecological fabrics.
  • I wrote a blog post expressing my thoughts on plastic in our water.
  • I ordered almost everything from Sun Potion via Thrive Market. It's really discounted at the moment. These are powerful herbs and they are doing a lot to sustain me through this intense time.
  • Fun and play is so important to feeding creativity. I just got my man this paddleboard for his birthday and am looking forward to many relaxing days cutting across bays and inlets together.