Salt of The Earth N°3

I've been on the go with trips to Japan and family since we moved back into our sailboat in November, it feels like I am just moving in now! Every item I uncover from the storage bins and lay out in our boat brings a deep sigh of satisfaction. Here are the things getting me excited about settling into our little sailboat home after a year of hard work building it into an ocean going home.

  • Hours spent on airplanes lately but this plus this helped me beat the jet lag
  • I am visiting The Kebabery on the regular this month - there is nothing I love more than speedy, affordable restaurants that cook with organic, local ingredients
  • So much better than
  • Come hang out on pinterest with me? Please?! I'm having the most fun.
  • This lady and I struck a trade and now I have three of her beautiful fermentation jars and let me tell you - not only are they gorgeous but they make all the difference! Where do I have room for three fermentation jars on my boat? Priorities, friends.
  • I am very excited Salinity is now old enough to apply to be a B Corp! This will be happening soon.
  • 'Tis the season for planner shopping! This is where I always get mine. I was very happy with this one last year but I am thinking about trying this one for 2018. Just because I love trying new things. I always buy planners late but the thing is, with the one I had last year it was open dated so I'm actually still good to go for a few more weeks!
  • Very excited this empowering women's sailing convention exists. If I was docked within an hour of here, I'd be there!