Salt Of The Earth N°1 — Sarah Patter


I am feeling called to extend the reach of Salinity to incorporate all the aspects of wellness that are empowering me to live life organic, fluid & free. This is the beginning of a commitment from me to you to share the practices, places and people that inspire me to live life to it's fullest.

I've chosen to nestle these posts under "afloat" because I expect my inspirations to be greatly influenced by our travels at sea. Here it goes!

  • I made a promise to myself to never turn on the popular radio station when I get in the car again because it does not jibe well with me. So, I downloaded Audible and am loving this book. Altering this little habit has majorly unleveled my life.
  • We are signing up for this.
  • I found the best lunch spot in Berkeley. It's tucked on a little out-of-the-way side street. I passed it a dozen times, absorbing it's cuteness before I finally made my way to eat there. They cook in the open and you can see they are using only gorgeous, local ingredients.
  • A tea & coffee date with Mira Blackman left me inspired the other week. I love meeting other local artisans following their passions. Of course, I couldn't part without a sacred adornment.
  • In love with this chlorophyll rich caffeine to make this.
  • Very very very excited to vacation with my love next week. We're starting off with a 3-day backpacking trip here.
  • I have been in love with Elizabeth Suzann clothing for years. Her pieces marry design, comfort and longevity which is about all I can ask for. She just launched a Warm Weather Collection and I have a few pieces in the mail! So excited!
  • I've known of Guru Jagat for years but only recently has my yoga practice called me to expand into kundalini. Guru Jagat is an immense source of knowledge and I am loving her production, Ra Ma TV.