Clean Beauty & Why It Matters

Why It Matters

Skin is our largest organism and absorbs up to 70% of what touches it. Your intentions may be good while you are dutifully cleansing your face, but if the ingredients aren't natural & nourishing, you may be doing more harm than good.

There has only been one piece of cosmetics regulation in the United States. Ever. It was passed in 1938 and pretty much only talks about what info goes where on the packaging. Important, but not as important as what goes inside all the bottles and tubes we use every day.

It all adds up. Either to feeling healthy and glowing with radiance or to feeling sluggish and getting sick due to easily avoidable toxins.

Understanding Ingredients

It's also important to know that there is no double checking the claims on packaging, so a lot of brands that claim to be "green" or "healthy" have ingredients that now that I know what they are, I would never put on my body.

It's a good rule of thumb that if you can pronounce the ingredient or you wouldn't want to put it inside your body, don't put it in your body! If you see latin, that is good. Those are the scientific names of plants.

Clean Beauty: a non-toxic product made of plants & minerals that works in the short term and nourishes in the long-term

Would you smear aluminum or your car's anti-freeze over your body? Didn't think so. Learn more about ingredients, the good & bad, here.

Clean beauty is not new. We lost it somewhere around the industrial revolution when we started trying to make things cheaper, faster and for more people. By bringing back the craft of the herbalists, we can make potions that work and look even better than the common "dirty" beauty product of today.

Now go to your bathroom, pick up a bottle and try to pronounce the ingredients. If any of them sound like your high school chemistry class, it's time to toss them and look into replacements that are actually healthy.

Little actions add up to big results!

The Switch

If your tour-de-bathroom caused you to realize you are due for some healthier products, there are a few things to know before you begin.

There is a detoxing phase. If you've been putting gunk on your face for years, it takes a little while to rid yourself of that. Luckily, detoxing is one of the main features of our skin barrier. For some people, this detox, which might include some breakouts and duller/oilier skin, lasts just a few days and for some people, much longer. Usually after about 3 weeks most people have adjusted to their new, healthier routine and start seeing & feeling the results. There are hundreds of great resources on the internet about cleaning up your routine.

Enjoy learning about how your body works and creating rituals to nourish yourself, inside out & outside in!