Ojai: A Wanderer's Guide

Sarah DenaeThis is my favorite picture from the whole trip. A friend passed this handmade linen dress along to me and I couldn't quit wearing it. Thanks to directions from the locals, we found this popular walking/biking trail near Farmer & The Cook. I had no idea this man was posing behind me but it is great.
sunsetThe best sunset view is at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. We biked over just in time.
raw salad The raw salad at Hip Vegan.


I packed my bags for Santa Barbara a few days ago to visit friends and cheer my husband & his dad through a century road race they had signed up for in the teeny Dutch village of Solvang. I don't like weekend trips because I feel like I barely have enough time to settle in to a place before it's time to go so I made plans to visit nearby Ojai for a few days too.

Ojai is a small town nestled in the valley of the Topatopa Mountains. We visited after a big winter rain storm, so everything was strikingly green.

I'd been dreaming of sleeping in one of the magically designed Shelter Social Club hotels for a long time, so I made a reservation at the Ojai Rancho Inn. We arrived to a folksy Oakland band setting up by the pool and weather warm enough to don swimsuits and dive in.

ojai rancho inn I have never been to a friendlier hotel than the Ojai Rancho Inn.
hip veganWhat to order at the Hip Vegan? I don't think you can go wrong. We found some inspiringly tasty sprouted golden onion crackers and ordered a raw salad with fresh seaweed. It was fresh, delicious & made me feel great!
barts booksBart's Books in Ojai is on a side street in the structure of a house - but without a roof! Can't make it before closing? Browse the 50 cent books outside 24/7 and slide your quarters through a slot in the door.


Lunch at Ojai Deer Lodge

Tour & tasting at Ojai Olive Oil Company

Dinner at Farmer & The Cook

Meditation at Meditation Mount