The Plan

Sun setting over the San Francisco Bay during our most recent sail aboard Blossom.

I've been weaving in hints of our plan to sail around the world for months but I thought I'd take a moment to clarify for anybody interested what exactly I'll be up to with Salinity, sailing and how it all weaves together. I never intended San Francisco to be anything more for me than a jumping off place. The initial plan was to move to Southern California after 5 or 6 months living in SF. Then, falling in love, switching boats, quitting my 9-5 and creating Salinity happened so it's been close to two years here for me. I am jumping for joy at the prospect of new frontiers!

Sometime between September 15th and October 15th, we are crossing under the Golden Gate and sailing southwards. The open ocean calls! We plan to take our time, popping into every nook and cranny of the California coast that speaks to us. More than anything else, I am looking forward to the feelings I'll feel the first night at sea.

Our initial destination, besides quick exploration stops, is San Diego. It should take 2-4 weeks to sail there. Once we arrive, we won't have much time before we join forces with the Baja Ha-Ha, an organized rally of boats going on it's 24th year. We chose to join the Ha-Ha because we love meeting other people with similar plans and dreams as us.

portholeThe last moment of sun filtering through the porthole, radiating onto the hanging plants.

The Ha-Ha sets sail from San Diego and two weeks later, arrives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - at the tip of Baja California. From there, we'll continue without much pause around the tip of Baja California and head North into the remote reaches of the Sea of Cortez. Legendarily a sparsely populated land of radiant sunshine and abundant sea life, I am excited the water will be warm enough for daily swimming!

If it were lush and rich one could understand the pull, but it is fierce and hostile and sullen."

— John Steinbeck's thoughts on the Sea of Cortez 

I am sure in Baja we will have a host of boat projects to complete before the next leg of our journey - traversing the Pacific Ocean. We'll probably leave sometime around March, heading for the dozens of tropical islands in the South Pacific. The girl in me whose life was set on a new course by the discovery of environmental science hopes we'll be able to include the Galapagos. New Caledonia is apparently an off-the-beaten path island of turquoise anchorages and white sandy beaches. So that sounds alright. But there are dozens of islands to chose from. We're depending on the tales of the people we meet along the way to choose where to head.

I have no idea when we'll set sail across the remaining half of the Pacific. Perhaps after a few months or if we're feeling it, maybe we'll wait for a year to cycle past. I hope to stay long enough to shake the chill of life on the water of Northern California out of my bones (it's far colder on the water then inland just a few miles), make a few friends and get to know the local flora & fauna a bit.

Then, it's onwards to Asia, hopefully Japan, SE Asia, New Zealand, maybe the coral reefs of Australia and definitely some time in the magical Andaman Sea. From there, it's towards Europe and then who knows - that's years down the road! Er, road-less ocean.

 Tying a knot on my first boat, 2 years ago.

I knew I was going to do this before I began Salinity so I had the distinct advantage of setting this business up to be run remotely. I am still going to be the person leading the business but I have hired a dear friend I trust very much to start managing the operational aspects of Salinity - shipping, receiving and packing orders. This person is my mother. I'm really excited to start working with her. I imagine it will be a bonding experience. So far, it's been only me doing everything! This step is not at all intimidating for me. I've been managing people remotely and being managed remotely since the day I graduated university. I feel immensely grateful to have somebody I already know taking over the operational reigns. If any change occurs, I promise things will only get better. Having somebody dedicated to the organizational aspects of mixing products, shipping and the like will free me up to focus more on curating artisanal items of organic living like I have just begun to do in California. I also hope to find organic, biodynamic growers to grow the more exotic ingredients in my skincare line - like camu camu! I would love for every ingredient I use to be grown in it's native land.

I've already spent two years traveling so I know what to expect and how to make the most of a trip. My eye for fine quality and dreams of building a home inspired by my journeys around the world have led me to meet amazing artisans and pack home suitcases overflowing with treasures from aboard. Some of my favorite makers have been in the most remote locations and even in our modern era, there's nothing quite like their crafts to be found on the internet. It is these discoveries which I will bundle up and offer through locale-based collections on Salinity. Look for The California Collection to grow immensely over the next few months and The Mexico Collection to launch in late winter, just before we cross the Pacific.

Also, I plan to continue sharing story's of living healthy and well aboard, the artisans we meet along our voyage and lessons I pick up along the way.

Sarah SailboatMe on the sail home from Angel Island.
Charlie My LoveThe "we" that is a part of me! This is Charlie, my lover, my husband. Without him, I don't think I'd be sailing around the world anytime soon!
blossomBlossom the Boat shining on a cloudy day.