Salt Of The Earth N°2

 purple sea creatures

I'm nearly unpacked from a month on the road. First, my husband and I packed up for a relaxing road trip through southern California and then I drove north to Spirit Weavers for a week of celebrating the feminine and learning ancient skills. The laundry is done, the bags are put away and we are finally returning to our routine! Here's what's been on my mind the past couple of weeks.

  • The ocean wasn't exactly warm, but we still had a great time splashing around down south. Did you know this use to happen back in the 1950s?
  • I just finished listening to this and I'm now listening to this. I'd recommend them both!
  • I'd been wanting to attend Spirit Weavers for years and finally, things lined up! 
  • I was pretty sure I was going to have to go to Canada to get this blanket, but I finally discovered a company which shipped it from Canada to my boat bed! I've never woken up feeling cozier. I'm all about natural fibers.
  • I have a little garden 15 minutes from my boat and it is growing so much this year! I planted tons of fresh herbs and greens which have me making salads like this on repeat.
  • I'm excited to pick up a massive load of fresh grown medicinal herbs and flowers here this Tuesday.
  • Driving through the central valley of California, where so much of America's food is grown, I became sad. It was just so ugly. I saw organic kale and broccoli growing out of dust with carefully placed irrigation hoses providing just enough water to force a crop from the ground. I started to wonder, how does the vitamin and mineral composition differ from food grown on an idyllic, fertile farm? So I googled it. That's why I recommend everybody plant a garden and shop first at the farmer's markets! After all, what we eat builds our bodies.
  • Why I'm trying really hard to not buy or accept things with plastic.
  • I'm teaching a lot of classes at YogaKula in Berkeley. Come and say hi if you're local!