Sailboat Home Tour: Before Remodel

Welcome to our floating home! Her name is Blossom, to remind us to keep ourselves in a position where we can always be evolving into our truest, happiest selves. She is a 1984 sailboat which will sail us around the world, a home for cozy rainy saturdays and a space to keep us inspired. This is my second boat. My now husband and I each owned our own boat at the marina where we met and somewhere along the way, we combined our hearts and boats into one.

We're often asked if we actually sail. Yes, we do sail. This is what drew us to living on a sailboat. We are preparing Blossom for a multi-year sailing trip around the world. We've been working on her constantly to get her ready for the ocean. This week, we moved everything possible off of her so we can power through the remodel work and head off into the ocean.

We're estimating this to take 2-4 months. With boat work, one project often leads to the discovery of two additional projects. We know that at a minimum, we will be:
  • Revarnishing the masts
  • Replacing the deck with foam core board
  • Putting in new floors
  • Strengthening/replacing the bulkheads (aka interior walls)
  • Reorganizing and totally remodeling the kitchen
  • Adding a dining table to the mid-cabin
  • Adding a chart/work table somewhere
  • Maximizing storage space in the curves of the hull
  • Building bookshelves into the side of the mid-cabin

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I have always been a wandered, but the concept of home is fascinating and so important to me. To feel comfortable diving into the world, I tend to build little homes everywhere I go. Though I've traveled the world, I don't travel quickly. I always stay in a place 2-4 weeks to really get to know it and establish a little piece of myself wherever I am.

Whether I will make the products for The Collection aboard Blossom as we sail is TBD. 

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