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Skin absorbs what it touches. The beauty industry has normalized products for the mass market that contain known toxic substances including hormone disruptors & carcinogens. We believe we shouldn't put anything on our bodies that we wouldn't want in our bodies.

Wellness & beauty are harmoniously interconnected and it is our goal to give you products that enable you to be your healthiest, happiest self. Beauty follows.

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Salinity was founded to give you what you're looking for. Beauty is a feeling & when people are healthy, they glow with inner radiance. We're here to help you give yourself the nourishment you deserve. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your soul. Indulge.

In today's busy world, it is so important to carve out a ritual at the beginning & end of every day to support and love yourself. Take time for you.

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Believing that nature holds everything our bodies need to thrive, we use organic & local ingredients whenever possible. We want everyone to know—it's always possible.

We were founded on a sailboat on the San Francisco Bay and still look to the raw beauty of the coastal earth & sea for inspiration. To express our gratitude for our ingredients and source of inspiration, we give back 5% of our annual profits to issues that will make our planet a better place.


Hibiscus Goji Berry Lemonade

tart + sweet refreshing warm weather beverage recipe

love letters

Wow, I am always so excited when I see that beautiful box in my mailbox. There is something magical that happens when I open it and see how beautiful the products are displayed. Thank you for your lovely work for this world!

Alysia, California

My favorite part about your cleanser is that just as I’m rinsing it off, my skin is SO SOFT!

Kyala, NYC

No chemicals. All organic. No perfumes. My skin is clearing up. Acne (even during my period) is becoming a thing of the past! This stuff is a godsend and the owner is a magical sorceress who uses her powers for good!

Joanna, Seattle

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before the remodel (which is halfway done!)

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